More artist are invited (or submitted) to make one or more shirt print design(s) for the Artwearness web shop.

Artwearness offers next to her ‘house designs’ an exclusive platform for her More Artist designer and their designs. More Artist has her own web environment within the web shop (Meet more artist) That can be used for promotion within you own network. On the Meet More artist page is space for a short bio, a photo or logo and a link to your website.

If you are an artist/designer and we did not invited you for participation, you can still apply by sending a brief C.V. and small portfolio of your earlier designs. If you are approved for submission send in your design according to the rules of engagement, see below. Send your portfolio & CV to info@artwearness – mention: Become More Artist

Rules of engagement > More Artist @ Artwearness

Terms and conditions for application:

Name designer/artist.



Short Biography

Title illustration

Additional information


Terms & conditions submitting images

1x A3 format high res. 300 PDI– PDF               (transparent background)

1x A3 format 72 DPI PNG                                    (transparent background)

Preferably use one strong color like black. Full color of with one support color is allowed but consult us first.

Line drawings must be made in Illustrator. The designer is the holder of the concept and copyright Do not use already existing or controversial images. If not sure consult us.

Note; do not forget to place or hide your signature somewhere in your design, modestly.

Submission is no guarantee of participation; every new design is scanned on quality and originality. Before offered in the shop.


Your fee:
A More Artist designer get 10% of the sales of his or her sold design including tax. Once in a quarter a royalty report of sold items will be communicated with the designer. If there are no sales there will be no report.

It is not allowed to sell your shirts privately. Artwearness will make all transactions. Everyone is welcome to contribute with new buyers and networks!

Billing/ invoices

After receiving your overview you may send your invoice accordingly:

Name, company name, address, date & invoice and BTW/VAT number.
Mention sales (shirt design name) + quantity

  • Total amount ex BTW/VAT- + BTW/VAT 21% (the taxes are inclusive with your 10%)

De More artist designer can choose when he or she wants to send in an invoice. Even once a year, depending on how many shirts are sold. The overview of the sold items will be send to you.


As More Artist you can promote your design according to our house style. We have templates to help you out. Mention :Promotion templates

You can promote your approved designs also by using your own network!


The designer………………………………………………………………….. Is the holder of the copyright?

Artwearness has free use of the design within the environment of Artwearness.