New design ‘Only Political’ @ Artwearness


Elections city council (gemeenteraadsverkiezingen)- are on its way. 21-03-2018. Politics is not something alien, it is all about day to day life, your life. Artwearness wishes you good-luck and wisdom with your opinion and vote!

“I claim solutions to solve pollutions

It is not mythical, it’s only political

I claim the way to a better society, from big spender to sobriety

It is not typical, only political.

I am the vox populi, your servant and your master

It is not physical, just political.”

This deep design is available @ – check @ Statementz


Ans as always some political inspiration for you;

All Right?

This line is written with my right hand. My right hand is a real good and practical companion. I love my right hand! However, I Carrie my heart on the left side…. Is that All Right with you? We are no birds so left-winged or right-winged, stay human

This new design All Right’  is a little political tickle. R u up to a tickle like this?

Check us

concept mao’18, design by Freek Pruntel ’18

But still, the opposition is here to stay too….. We like a little controverse.


Bloedlinks part two

Election day is on it’s way! Vote for your favo community council @ the 21th of March 2018 and make sure to wear the right, sorry, left garment when you do! Check this blood serious but ironic design @ and discover that this great design is discounted till election day!!! YE PS: this MP4 impression is made by Damien Eektimmerman

Electionday theme design

Election day is on it’s way. Vote for your community council @ the 21th of March 2018 and make sure to wear the right, sorry, left garment when you do!! Check this blood serious but ironic design @ and discover it’s discounted till election day. YE

De verkiezingen komen er aan. Stem voor jouw lokale gemeenteraad op 21 maart 2018 en zorg ervoor dat je er geschikt voor gekleed bent! Check ons bloedserieuze maar ironische design en ontdek dan gelijk dat dit design afgeprijsd is tot de verkiezingsdag! Joepie


Get personal, get customized

Did you know that we can make a special a personal & customized design  4 U,  4 your loved ones, or 4 your appreciated or departing colleague.

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Temp model and founder of Artwearness Erik wears his personal customized longsleeve shirt ‘Erik duurt het langst’ 2018
Temp model Mike wears ‘personal designed, design ‘Open Mike’
Temp model/founder Erik wears altered or customized design ‘(Che(z) Moi)’.

Under Pressure

Our new design- Under Pressure!

Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets It’s the terror of knowing What the world is about Watching some good friends Screaming ‘Let me out’ Pray tomorrow gets me higher

Enlighten your self, lift your self up and tomorrow will get you higher!


The coolest song !!!!

No longer Bleu or Blue

Hello to you, hereby we present our new design ‘No Longer Bleu’ and ‘No Longer Blue’ depending which you prefer and where you come from. 

We all just survived bleu/ blue Monday, some more heroic than others.  We are no longer blue/bleu but we’re tainted with all colours of the rainbow. Though the sky is still grey we are determent to be and stay colourful. Have a nice day!

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The best music to underline this thought with overwhelming power…. Don’t wanna fight no more > Alabama Shakes.

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