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design 109 Now Dance finds its origin in an artwork of Marit Otto (Now Dance 1999) and is halve inspired on the song ‘Dance’ by Soul To Soul and halve on the notorious ballet dancer Nureyev.

“Feel the endless flow that hit [Incomprehensible] rhythms control

They’re in a life, the soul, the fire enraged in you

And that way we’ll come together and multiply

Well, now dance”

 (from the song ‘Dance’ Soul to Soul)




New alliance Artwearness

With the upcoming worldwide event ‘Orange the World (a movement who want to end violence and aggression against women world wide.)we are asked to design a special edition T-shirt for Vrouwen Carree Zwolle. (An organisation dedicated to improve conditions for woman in need).

The special edition is limited only pieces will be printed max.

The shirts costs 35,00 of which € 2,50 of every sold shirt goes to Vrouwen Carree, to keep up the good work


Nieuwe alliantie Artwearness

Met het komende wereld wijde evenement ‘Orange the World’ (een beweging die zich uitspreekt tegen geweld en agressie gericht op vrouwen)

We zijn gevraagd om een speciale editie shirt ontwerp te maken voor Vrouwen Carree Zwolle. (een organisatie die zich inzet voor de sociale positie van meisjes en vrouwen)

Van de speciale editie worden er maximaal 500 geprint.

De shirts kosten €35,00 waarvan 2,50 toekomst aan Vrouwen Carree, zodat zij hun goeie werk kunnen voortzetten.



Not Only Civilized On The Outside

Artwearness makes original statements in a fashionable manner. The earth is proven not to be flat so why should we, why should anyone? Check our webshop and discover what we are all about. We print on high quality, sustainable and slave free cottons from the brand Stella & Stanley. The printdesign is nowhere else to be found so buying an Artwearness shirt makes you an original and just a tiny bit more aware and awake!