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Concept by mao2015, designed by M. Lotkowski.

This design is inspired on the Dutch word Blikopener, meaning; can opener but in this case Eye opener (the Dutch word ‘blik’ means both tin can & look). An eye opener can be that enlightened ‘ eureka’ moment we all have from time to time. It can also mean that your perspective on a certain subject is shifting. Some people have lean and limber minds other mindsets are a bit more rigid and in this respect needs a ‘blikopener to let the restrained thought out and let the new and fresh thought in.

On this specific promo we used an image of the great force of renewal in art, Andy Warhol. He’s the missing link between sophisticated art and graphics for the masses. Campbell Soup (still available) thanks their undying imago to Andy.

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Why is this Art review on the Campbell soup cans :


Related Artist of his time: Bastquiat

With a beautiful role by David Bowie playing Andy.

and Keith Haring

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Design ‘Souldier’ (march in the name of love) 15% off

My wish for the world is that at some point soldiers become souldiers. Souldiers armed with nothing but love. Disputes are fought with thoughts not with weapons. The only weapon that souldiers are carrying is reason.

My wish for the world….

A great legend and a great mind was a souldier of love. He was so much more than a reggea singer, he was and is a legend. I hunger for minds like his.

Design ‘Earthling’@ Artwearness

Design Earthling is partially inspired on ‘Earthling’ (song and album title by David Bowie). It rises the question what does it mean to be an earthling on a lonely and remote star ship called Earth, or Gaya. It feels not solitude at all, with a population of 7.5 billion people. But yet we are, universal wise………………. What are our options anyway if this ship is sinking?

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