Artwearness Live

Artwearness goes live in Zwolle:

(Dutch) Donderdag 15 juni 2017 tussen 10:00 – 17:00 is Artwearness aanwezig op de Groene Markt in de kloostertuin van Het Dominicanenklooster. Toegang is gratis!

De Groene Markt geeft plek aan lokale makers en organisatoren die zich bezighouden met duurzaam en maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen. Dit betekent dat ondernemers met aandacht voor milieu produceren en haar activiteiten bewust richt op het toevoegen van waarde aan mens en aarde.

Speciaal op deze dag zijn T-shirts €25,- op locatie!

Ik hoop jullie daar te zien!

(Eng) Thursday 15 June 2017 from 10.00 till 17.00 hours is Artwearness present on the Green Market in the Convent garden of the Dominican Convent, Zwolle. Free entrance!

The Green Market hosts sustainable and fare trade local producers and makers. This means eye for our environment, ecological footprint and slave free origins of our cottons.

Especially for this day the present shirts on location are discounted to €25,-

Hope to see you there


By the way Artwearness also has a new banner, check us out!

Dog Eat Dog

Dog eat dog design @ Artwearness

It is a dog eat dog world. A funny expression, I cannot recall an actual dog eat dog situation, not in real life, not in the papers & not on the web. Of course dogs do have a certain reputation, to live up to. The larger dog intimidates by size, the small dogs barks & bite. Not seldom the smallest dog has the biggest dog eat dog mind set. It has no choice it is small. So attack is in this case the best defence. It seems to say “Beware I look small and innocent but underneath I am a giant maniac. I am totally non predictable, by the time you turned around I already bit your tail off”. The big dog, the one that actually lives up to the term Dog eat dog…. is totally unaware of his size, and dog eat dog capabilities. He’s a good fella & lovable. Still dog eat dog is a marvellous saying that makes sense instantly if no actual dogs are involved.

The most famous dog of all is notorious Snoop Dog. For his alther ego he choose the most lovely charley brown cartoon dog ever. He’s the big dog, looks dangerous (probably was in his early days) but ends up being a nice & relaxed fella. The dog, likes Gansha. So maybe he barks a bit, but he won’t bite.

Besides Snoop Dog, there’s also a movie called Dog eat Dog. Really an amusing but typical film. Not really a plotline. But great enlarged characters. Dafoe and Gage doing what they do best playing the tormented bad guy. Who are accidentally getting from worse to catastrophical situations.


The Content Of Me

Design ‘The content Of Me’ (2015) is al about you, containing flesh and bones and much more. Not the surface of you but your gut, your heart, your brain. What is that what you are made of?   Is your body a silicon valley? Your soul plastic soup…Or is it pure and natural? What is the content of you, what are you about…………………………check this design @ Check us anyway for cool designs!

Connecting inspiring songs: (fresh) Only Human >Rag’n Bone Man & (classic) Flesh & Blood by Roxy Music.


New design Naked Truth

We present to you our new design Naked Truth. This design is extracted from an artwork by Marit (house designer @autonomous artist) named  Concealed & Naked Truth. This artwork and design is al about the quest to find the truth, if there is just one truth. In this complex world truth seems to be in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to religion even more so. Many religions claim the sole and only truth. A non believer could state ‘ if it suppose to be the truth, than why does it called believe anyway?’. Is what I just wrote true? It is up to you.

Original artwork Concealed and Naked Truth 2015:

Design ‘Selfish’

What does it mean being selfish? What does it mean today? Selfishness use to have a negative connotation. Today it seems the way to go trough life; me, myself and I and leave some crumbs for the others.

No……… thats not entirely truth. Many people are going out of their way to create a better world, to be positive and cooperative and being aware and acting on it. But unfortunately the majority, the greater mass of people are putting their needs and wants for anything else. Even at the cost of others without even realizing it. This is the way we are brought up, buy, buy, buy. Life is beautiful if the economy runs. We are living in consumers paradise, we are tested every day. We became consumers before humans. What ever we consume gives us a nice feeling, a sense of belonging (according to the commercials). I spend therefor I exist! What does this innocent consuming actually harm anyway. A happy consumer is no harassement to others, that much is truth. But in the long run if this consumer does not analyze where his shit comes from and who carries the burden for it, it has great impact on anything, every where. For instant cheap stuff is often made by an (almost) enslaved working force, or from polluting factories producing worthless plastic gadgets.  So cutting down on the Selfish could be of great benefit for all, especially if everyone does so.

Design Selfish is available we use fair trade, slave free and sustainable cottons by Stella & Stanley.

For inspiration for our promo: The 80/90 Hip hop formation Dela Soul made a song with the brilliant title: Me Myself and I (music video below)

For opening your eyes, if you were not aware yet: This is what our beautiful oceans are up to these days.

Daddy Cool

Almost fathers day…… 18 juni

Is  your father your guardian, a super hero of anti hero, protective, handy, looking out for you?  Than this might be the perfect gift for him….

In our salute to honor our fathers we salute the real daddy (s) cool:

Design ‘No Spares’

Design ‘No Spares’ @ Artwearness is extracted from an artwork of Marit Otto. With this design we remind you and everyone of the fact that we do have actually just one planet. Despite all the efforts of Elon Musk planning a trip to Mars with the first explorers. Brave, bravo! Once you went to the red there’s no turning back to the bleu planet. Despite of all scientists who signal all the time, the real change has to come from you, everyone and me.

This design and many more cool designs, is available at > check us!

For inspiration: