When Harry met Harry & Sally met Sally


‘When Harry met Harry & Sally met Sally’ are the latest & brand new
designs of Artwearness.  Next to our regular designs we also
anticipate on social events once in a while. The event of choice this
time is the Pride event & the Gay Parade 2017, in Amsterdam or
everywhere else in the world for that matter!  Artwearness (what’s in
a name) is a socially engaged brand with a message. Our message with
this design is clear! Love is Love regardless sex, gender identity,
and entity, colour ore race. Celebrate and embrace it. Love, peace and
happiness all around!
To all Harries and Sallies in Germany > Cheers


Artwearness from the Groene Markt to Blauwdruck.

The Green Market went well! This is how our stand looked like. This was the first edition of the Green Market/ Groene Markt. I am satisfied with the reactions and the live sales, no complaints here. The weather was very supportive, the sun was shining trough out the whole day. So a positive review of this event!


Whats next? Now we have this physic shirts printed, so it would be a waste not to share this with the world. So for the next month our shirts are at sale @ Blauwdruck, Zwolle. We have few fathersday shirts left so if you need a cool gift for fathersday rush to Blawdruck! Check us out @ Blauwdruck @ the Sassenstraat Zwolle or @ www.artwearness.com



Upgrade your shirt to a signed artwork

This might be just an one time opportunity, tomorrow June 15th the artist/ designer of the t shirts (yes me) is also present at the Artwearness stand @ the Green market (@ the convent-garden @ the Dominican-convent, Zwolle). An artist signature always increases the value of an artwork and makes it unique. Weather this is the case in this case, or not, lies in the future. In case of succes or dramatic death your investments should be safe or even increases. If the artist faints and parishes without a trace you lost, but than again your investment wasn’t that big, so you will overcome it. In the meanwhile you just worn a really fantastic shirt and thats worth something too. See you tomorrow!

PS: The design on this shirt is named ‘Shit Happens’ and is also available @ our stand tomorrow.

See more designs: www.artwearness.com

Dit zou maar zo die ene gelegenheid kunnen zijn, morgen 15 juni  is de kunstenaar/ ontwerper van de t shirts (ja ik)  zelf ook aanwezig bij de Artwearness stand @ de Groene Markt (@de kloostertuinen @ de Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle). Door een signatuur neemt de waarde van een kunstwerk altijd toe en het maakt het uniek. Of dat in dit geval het geval zal zijn ligt in de toekomst. In geval van groot succes of dramatische dood zal de investering zich zelf zeker terug betalen. In geval dat de kunstenaar langzaam in de vergetelheid raakt en geen spoor meer na laat zal u een verlies lijden. maar ja uw investering was nou ook weer niet zo groot, dus dat zult u wel overleven. In de tussentijd heeft u toch een ontzettend fantastisch shirt gedragen en dat is ook wat waard. Tot morgen!

PS: Het design op dit shirt heet ‘Shit Happens’ en is ook verkrijgbaar @ onze stand morgen

meer designs: www.artwearness.com

See you @ the Green Market?

Artwearness @ Groene Markt, Thursday June 15. Our first market experience! See you there @ Kloostertuin, Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle?

Artwearness @Groene Markt, donderdag 15 juni. Onze eerste markt experience! Zien we jullie daar @ de kloostertuin van het Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle?


Design Slaved By the Bell also at the Groene Markt, Zwolle

Davey & Mirthe are modelling design Slaved By the Bell for Artwearness. It sure does look great on them! As it would look great on you, don’t you think? This shirt will be worn by Marit (artist & art director of Artwearness) on the Green Market in de Kloostertuin of de Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle. So few options are left. You can buy it straight away from Marits body. In this case it might be wise to wash it later on (: depending on the weather or your relation towards Marit! It is also an option is to order it at the stand. All shirts have a special price €25, -. Davey, the handsome guy in the picture is wearing design ‘Shark as a Knife’ on the Greenmarket. A same option applies to him and his shirt.  Davey it self is not for sale.

Check us out!!! www.artwearness.com Discout offers stand for this whole week – till 15-june 2017.