Ryan wears, Daan wears…. & what about the mural and the limited edition?

Our model Ryan wears design Oh God, Why Am I So Fly. She looks cool standing against this mural in beautiful Assendorp, Zwolle. Whe do our photoshoots local, in our hometown, Zwolle. Assendorp is a very popular district, area in Zwolle. The Quartier latin of Zwolle. A mix of students, creatives, old, young, urban, starting families and cultures, all living side by side in peace. The architecture of Assendorp is very special, it is a village of its own. Assendorp is mellow with a soi de vivre,  mentality. When ever you visit Zwolle, check Assendorp for sure.

Few high lights in Assendorp for you:

Dominican Convent + garden, Assendorperstraat (shoppingstreet without big retailers), Assendorperplein with bandstand, Eureka and community centre ‘`De Enk‘ with all kinds of nice initiatives. Cafe de Singel,  Wezenlanden park – paviljoen and the Nooterhof. but wondering through the little unlogical criss, cross  streets is a joy in it self.

Any way, if you fancy this cool shirt you have to visit us: It’s fresh www.artwearness.com

Model Daan is wearing design When Sally Met Sally. This design stands up for diversity. This theme is about gender diversity but basically we are pro diversity in general. We never quit understood why anyone is bordered by someone else’s otherness. Diversity is cool, it makes the world so much more interesting and less square. Thats one thing we do mind, squareness.

Check this shirt @ www.artwearness.com for male, female and everything in between and on the side (never mind the routing-titles of the site). Or GO to the GO Gallery, Marnixstraat 127,  Amsterdam and get your self a limited and special edition, with love from the artist.

Oh God, Why Am I So Fly?

Check our new design @ www.artwearness.com

Oh God, Why Am I So Fly? This could be an outcall for recognition if you did not knew any better. We are totally aware of the lucidity of flyness, hipness, coolness and trendiness. Truly, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If you want to become a true member of the fly community it might help to be totally not dedicated to what ever fashion dictates, but be your own and dictate fashion, That, or become a regular fly and buzz.


For our promotion we always use inspirational elements that are rooted in the film, art, design and popular industries; in short > culture. The upside of this is that if you keep track of our Cultcorner you wil be automatically fed with all kinds of culture (cult). In this case: The green Butchers by Anders Thomas, the director of many fantastic and humoristic movies. A side effect of that is that he like to work with the same actors.  Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Jensen are frequent flyers with Anders Thomas! Both wonderful and allround actors. A few trailers for you to feast on. check it out!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam coming week; do not forget to check The Go Gallery for our special limited  Harry met Harry and Sally met Sally  designs


Get your limited design tee @ the Go Gallery!

Coming weeks Harry and Sally are celebrating Pride in Amsterdam! The Go Gallery is having a theme exhibition and in addition to that our special edition ‘Harry met Harry‘ & ‘Sally met Sally‘ t-shirt designs are also for sale in the gallery. Limited and only for sale @ the Go Gallery. So if you like to make an artistic statement, want to wear a great shirt during this event, are drawn to this cool graphic, or for what ever other motive, GO to the GO! Marnixstraat 127, Amsterdam. Did I already mentioned that they show great art too!

Daan is modeling the designs with flair and panache! The scenery is our rainbow path located at the south side of Zwolle central station.

Do not forget also have a sales point in Zwolle @ Blauwdruck (Sassenstraat) and our permanent digital showroom & shop @ www.artwearness.com. Check us for the coolest designs and spread the word!

Alliance with the Go Gallery, Amsterdam

We have a special temporary alliance with the Go Gallery, Amsterdam. During the Pride weeks (last week July, first week august) the offer next to their own theme exhibition: *Pink with Pride, our theme shirts ‘When Harry met Harry’ & ‘When Sally met Sally’. A special, Go Gallery Limited Edition; With Love from the Artist!

This alliance is exactly what Artwearness stands for; a hybride crossover  of graphic design and art. Bringing, by using the T- shirt as a canvas,  ironic comments and artistic or philosophical statements to the world.  Doing so without losing anything of a good appeal or fashionability. It so happens to be that the designer of Artwearness is also an artist in daily life, so art & design crossovers comes natural to us.

*PINK with PRIDE 2017

PINK with PRIDE 2017 Finally we moved to our brand new gallery, not far from where we were located for 20 years: Marnixstraat 127 in Amsterdam. The new location is still in the Jordaan, but much easier to access with public transport from Central Station and all other directions of the city (bus & tram stop across the gallery). We’re very happy being in this great authentic neighbourhood and our fantastic neighbours of ‘Duende Dos’, the famous Spanish tapas restaurant… Read More Read MoreRead More »

Ooooh Yes, website Artwearness, re-newed, re-launched & fresh

Welcome to our  world of cool and untamed t- shirt print design…….


Hello everyone,

Our website has a brand new look ! I am really proud of the result and I hope you approve of our adjustments too. First I like to give credits to all who gave their support to make this technical, virtual & complicated endeavor work with research, raw power, knowledge and looks ( :

Keep an eye on these people in the future because they are gonna rock in what ever they pursuit.

Ellen Bloemhof – talented- workforce, junior designer, go-getter!

Davey van de Velden– multi-talented, ICT problem solver and fixer, junior designer, rock!

Mike Olgers ICT force, brains behind the screens, junior 21 century virtual help-desk,back-end manager!

And again: special thanks to Iwan Blokzijl with his crucial tips to improve the website to gain speed, logic and appeal.

And of course to all our TOP modells Sebastiaan, L, Kay, Mirthe, Ryanne, and Daan, who gave a piece of them for us to show off with > a salute to the real & beautiful ones.



Artwearness design FlauweKult @ Blauwdruck

If you happen to be in Zwolle, tourist or just passing trough, looking for something special, distinctive playful, ironic, urban  and totally unique; stop @ Blauwdruck. Blauwdruck offers great coffee and delicious pie or something else of your graving. But besides and next to other Zwoll’s homebrew artistic stuff, gadgets and musthaves (!? What is that anyway)& wannahaves, theres this selection of Artwearness T- shirts for him and her. New as of today; design FlauweKult. Check it out before its gone…..

Keep an eye on our website these days, some Chance is Gonna Come…

This week @ Artwearness

Soon launching our fresh and re-designed web-shop

Maybe you noticed it already but our Cultorner look is adjusted to our total house-style.

We had worked hard lately to improve our website again in speed, logic and ambiance. We did seek for professional help on usability en conversie. We found it in the person of Iwan Blokzijl. He is specialized in creating web-shops and the science to create traffic to a webs hop. Davey Van der Velden, my intern re- designed and altered our web-shop with his guidelines next to us. We hope to launch it this week and that his advice will pay off ( : As far as we concerned; We are very happy the way it looks after the make over. We had a few session before and I hope this is, for now and nearby future, the final look.    So Thank you Iwan for this great intervention of yours.

The graduation of Intern Ellen

By the way Intern Ellen Bloemhof did succeed in her final exam! So good luck to you Ellen!

Suzanne Wears ‘ Yes We’re Open: this design is also live available @ Blauwdruck, Zwolle

Cooperation with the Go Gallery, Amsterdam

When Harry met Harry & when Sally met Sally are going to be a part of the exhibition Pink with Pride, during the Amsterdam Pride weeks and the Canal parade! Special customized versions of the designs limited & with Love from the Artist are sold @ their new location Marnixstraat 127, Amsterdam, for a special theme price. The are available from monday july 24th.  We keep you posted on the subject!

And yes we already mentionned it, but Artwearness is still (a) live (and kicking) @ Blauwdruck with various designs!!! If you are in downtown Zwolle check this store out!





Behind the scenes @ the photoshoot 13 July ’17

Tuesday July 17th, the photoshoot with Daan van de Konijnenburg took place. We (Marit & Davey) had planned the shoot on Wednesday 16th but unfortunately it rained cats & dogs that day so we postponed it. One day later the weather was just fine. Daan made a selection of his outfits at home and after coffee and some small talk he slides into his first outfit. Urban style because our first location is a gateway to the rest of the world, train station Zwolle. Recently the station had a total make over and it has a modern and futuristic look. Not in the last place because of the Portal (part of an artwork of Ram Katzir & Hertog Nadler)  This video installation represents the station as a time portal, to travel trough time instead from station to station). We used the installation, great curved walls, the escalator and the elevator as scenery.

On the North side of the station we shoot some pictures of the gaybrapath. A nice statement of the community of Zwolle. We are a GLBTQ+ friendly community. When we finished shooting on this location we went to the office of 19 het Atelier Architects.  The perfect location for an artful and industrial looking scenery. Soon you will encounter Daan in several poses and shirts! Keep an eye on us!


New design ‘Talented’ @ Artwearness

Talented is what you are if bystanders say so. Talented is what you are when your 4 years old and make your first drawing for mom and dad. Talented is what you are when there’s no talent but whit to make others believe your talented. Talented is what you are, if blood sweat and tears are shed before a creation comes to live. Talented is what you are when you had no recognition in life but became famous after you died, Talented is what you are when your a genius and your name is Picasso. Talented is what you are………

Talented is now available @ www.artwearness.com| We are working on our website so at this present moment only white shirts are displayed. Please mention your wanted color on your sale form. 

Meet our Artwearness models

All our models are very exclusive and special because they are no model (or wanna be models) in real life. They are beautiful, creative, outspoken, unique, genuine, artistic an definitely not mainstream in how they look and what they pursuit. This is why we like to introduce them to you.

Wednesday July 12th we have a new photoshoot, this time with real-life model Daan .

Daan van de Konijnenburg is a creative cameleon. He makes music, human interest documentaries (Daan Ontmoet) and is a experienced expert on mental health issues offering his assistance to the Dutch GGz to contribute to a more positive perception on this issue. Besides all that he’s father of two boys. Daan is a cheerful and energetic person with a spark.




Model Mirthe, she was our previous Model. Mirthe (Langelaan) is in daily life is an collegue artist and we share a creative past with loads of creative adventures. We were next door neighbors at DOAS (institute for art and cultural exchange, Zwolle) and together we collaborated in curating several exhibitions like: Krijtstreep & Canvas DOAS in volle Bloei, participated in duo and group exhibitions at City Museum Zwolle (twice), I Love Candy @ Kop, Breda and many more and developed and created our own artprojects like: Duo Ongezoet . Besides all that she creates beautiful and intriguing art. Rythm, repetition and ordening are three words that comes to mind. I use to say, a  monks work for all that patience that goes into the artwork before it is declared finished. But when it is finished a dazzling pattern of repeating shapes dots, stripes or other unexpected materials as toothbrushes is a small mind blowing experience. besides all that she’s partner of Daan a caring mother and a house painter @ Mirthe Schildert

Model Davey (Van der Velden) is in daily Life student @ Landstede Media & design and devoted intern @Atelier007/ Artwearness  . Besides all that he’s a music lover & maker and a creative workforce for any company. To be honest he was a stand in model, but seems quiet good at the job! Instant model Davey.

Model Ryan van Dijk  is asked to model for Artwearness by Intern and temporary backbone of Artwearness, Ellen Bloemhof. Ryanne is a student @ Landstede Media & design, Zwolle. And a natural model.

Model Sebastiaan, a young musician with cool mindset, great looks and big hair. Sebastiaan is studying Jazz & Pop (Bass) @ Artez conservatorium, Zwolle. His love for music is fed and cultivated right at home by his jazz and funk lovin’ parents (Daddy). At this present time he’s playing in the band Chayah . Keep track of this promising talent!

Model Kay (van Scheijndel) is the 19 year old son of Erik van Scheijndel, my partner in life and in crime (@ artwearness) and a natural when it comes to modeling. At this present moment Kay is in between educations but starting @ HBO Windesheim, Zwolle @ the School of journalism coming semester. In the meanwhile he’s settling and shaping his life, has a place of his own since autumn 2016 and several jobs. He’s a self made man! Besides all that he’s got the looks of his daddy and the swag of a cool rap star, so all ingredients to be a perfect Artwearness model.

I asked model Sindey Faneyte for a special photoshoot aside from the regular shoots. We created a special product: A Zwolle promotion shirt named: ‘Zwolle, hemels & (g)astronomisch’ (Zwolle heavenly and (g)astronomical’) This shirt is market @ Made in Zwolle. Sindey was at the time a Cibap Student @ friend and colleague artist Chantal de Wolde. Before that she studied at David Bade Buena Vista art school Curacao and was willing to help us out. She’s an gifted young artist and a very nice personality.

Last but certainly not least, a cliff hanger, because this ultra cool model don’t wish to reveal her identity. We do respect that. So we won’t. But this model is a style icon. She is Grace Jones meets Skin. Graceful and sturdy at the same time. Does everything with the largest smile on her face like it’s no bother at all. She’s a dear friend and someone to admire and the information stops here, so this item has a sudden death.