Artwearness art- tees actieweek @ Blauwdruck, (Sassenstraat,Zwolle)

Tot zaterdag a.s zijn alle Artwearness shirts bij Blauwdruck afgeprijst van 29,95 naar 25,-.

Daarna zijn de shirts even twee maandjes niet verkrijgbaar via Blauwdruck maar gewoon weer via de website:

In de maand december zijn de shirts weer verkrijgbaar en bestelbaar via Blauwdruck!

Artwearness art- tees actionweek @ Blauwdruck, (Sassenstraat,Zwolle)

Till saturday september 30th all Artwearness shirts are at sale @ Blauwdruck discounted from  29,95 to 25,-.

Afther that the shirts will be withdrawn for two months @ Blauwdruck but as usual @

In december 2017 they return in store…..




Mix And Match

Design ‘Mix and Match’ (mao2015) is on discount @ Artwearness till October 5th 2017. This design refers to Darwins evolution theory. Mixing and matching the gene-pool was the best route to become successful as a living organism. We, the people are living proof of this theory. Though, I must note the following: what means being successful in this perspective?The human race is reproducing as rabbits. An expanding population that wants to submit everything to her wishes, eats and slaves all the other animals till they are vanished. Finally it exhaust the ground she /he walks on till there’s no natural space left. Maybe, Darwin had in mind that everything should be balanced too in order to be really successful.

Anyway, mixing and matching must be the answer to war, dispuit and intolerance too. If we keep mixing and matching we will become all brothers and sisters. Metaphorically speaking that is ( :

New design Not Square 03

Hereby we present our new design “Not Square 03′ to you.

A square is a mathematical figure or a big open space in a village or city were people and traffic comes together. Our square refers to the squareness of people. Being square is a phrase that is rooted in jazz music. It describes a person *who failed to appreciate the medium, or, more broadly, someone who was out of date or out of touch, hence the saying “be there or be square” (*source Wikipedia). The saying became in fashion  and adapted by the hipsters (1940), the beatbiks (1950), the hippies (1960) and the yippies (1970). These pop cultures were progressive and in favor of a more open mindset to the unknown. In the America’s of the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties and 70ties this mindset is received with mixed emotions. Especially the conservatives thought this would be the end of civilicitaion as they knew it, the others embraced it.

Being Square, someone who clings to repressive, traditional, stereotypical, one-sided, or “in the box” ways of thinking, is not something of the past, it is still representing a large group of people. With all respect, squareness can be caused by fear of the future, fear of aliens, fear of poverty, fear of loss, fear of abandoning the common and safe rituals and fear of change. In fact lot of square people can not be blamed. Most of them ar brought up this way and was never thought to think otherwise. But the side effect of squareness can be intolerance, exclusion, supremacy, ruggedness and maybe even violence or war. Hippies, they may have not be perfect and probably naif, but they did spread the word of love. The beatniks did introduce (besides from jazz) black music and culture into mainstream white music. Artwearness is not called artwearness to not think about these issues of life, so we made this statement because we believe, regardless what ever reason you might have for squareness, that being a bit more round round the edges makes the world go and stay round and a much better place to live on.

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Design Not Square 03 by mao2016 (Bratt Pitt Wears)


Mirthe wears Not Square 03
sample of shirt

Square as topic in music & film

Discounted Machine Men

Design: Machine Men Discounted till oktober 05 2017. from 29,95 to 25,00.

Famous phrase from the Charley Chaplin Movie ‘ The Great Dictator’:

“Don’t give yourself to machine men with machine minds” .

It’s all over the news. Kim Jong-un and Donald J. Trump constantly bragging about their weapons of mass destruction. Obsessed with war. Will there be a nuclear-war between North Korea and the US?
Only time will tell I guess. Both have no means of standing down and showing a bit of humanity.

Experts tell us that Kim Jong-un has no means of starting a war and using his acclaimed weapons. He uses them only to scare the United States. He calls them his “gifts” for the States.
We can only hope that Kim Jong-un nor Donald J. Trump are clever enough not to push the buttons and launch their weaponry.

Nuclear warfare, death, destruction. Why? Because they want to show who has more power. Who can do most damage to the other, over the heads of innocent civilians. But what do they hope to achieve with a nuclear war? War is and never will be the answer to anything.

Our design originates from the famous Charlie Chaplin and The Final Speech from the “Great Dictator’.

Even though this was ment as a political satire against Adolf Hitler in 1940, it is still relevant to the present.

Even though Kim Jong-un, the 4-star general with no solid military background whatsoever, sounds like an evil and dangerous dictator, there are some claimed facts about him that make him look just silly.

Wear our design and support Charlie’s message. Don’t subside to those so called “superpowers” with their machine minds. We’re humans with the power to create peace. Lets put it to use.

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-Davey van der Velden