Daan wears design ‘Talented’

Daan wears design Talented! This design is available @ www.artwearness.com

The word Talented brings me to the next question…. R U talented?

We are looking for talents who seek for a stage to show their crafts and great ideas on. Interested? Check: become-more-artist @ artwearness. 


Our shirts are now baked in ‘The Oven’ and more..

Artwearness found a new very contemporary printshop in The Hague (Den Haag) http://theoven.nl/the-oven/. They are specialized in printing full color on cotton garments like shirts and sweaters with high quality digital printers, plotters, embroidery machines and silkscreen. At the same time we say good bey and thank We Produce for printing high quality for us the past years. The Oven is a growing print factory with the future in mind. So we are very happy to be a small part of their factory.

This months discount ‘ Conshumanity’

Also keep checking our special offers once in a while! We stage design Conshumanity for you. This design is made by mao2015.

In honore of William Shakespeare we speak these words:

To consume or not to consume, that is the question.

We are all consumers.
But, what defines us, what keeps us going?
Are we defined by what we consume or by how we act?
What is humanity anyway? Is it the fed by what others might think or is it driven by consciousness?

Stay human,
be human,
be unique,
be Artwearness.

Orange The World Action: still open

Get yours to show your solidarity with vulnerable women all over the world! Embrace the activist in you! Get orange!

check: http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/

Check us @ www.artwearness.com

Orange the World @ Vrouwen platform Carree

 Artwearness and Carree joined in a special limited edition theme T-shirt ‘ Orange The World’

See below what Vrouwen Platform Writes in her newsletter about this:

 Artwearness en Vrouwenplatform Carree hebben elkaar gevonden in een speciaal, thema T- shirt in gelimiteerde oplage ‘Orange The World’

Lees hieronder wat zie daar zelf over zeggen:

Vrijheid en veiligheid voor elke vrouw via Orange the World

Dit jaar haakt Carree met veel enthousiasme opnieuw aan bij de wereldwijde actie van de UN, Orange The World. Zoals jullie weten voelen wij ons verbonden en solidair met kwetsbare vrouwen over de hele wereld. Daarom is door Artwearnesseen special edition ‘Orange The World’ shirt ontworpen, speciaal voor Vrouwenplatform Carree. Hoe mooi! Het is een gelimiteerde en genummerde oplage tot 500 stuks. Met de koop van een shirt steun je zowel Orange the World als Vrouwenplatform Carree met het project De nieuwe Toekomst. Lees hier meer over deze mooie actie of bestel je shirt direct hier. We nodigen je van harte uit: doe mee en lever een bijdrage aan vrijheid & veiligheid voor elke vrouw!

New design Zorrow @ Artwearness

Zorrow is a Zorro + or a Zorro – the antihero who means well but remains a bit disappointing. Few great antihero’s lined out for you: Walter White, Don Draper, Tony Soprano, Scooby Doo or Shaggy, Guust Flater (Gaston Lagaffe), Inspector Clousseau, Basil Fawlty, Brian from the life of Brian, Ken from a Fish called Wanda, Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow and of course El Duderino from The Big Lebowski . Next to them heroes seems so boring and dull.

Alliance Vrouwenplatform Carree, Zwolle

The UN gave life to a world wide protest against aggression towards women, named Orange The World . Artwearness and Vrouwenplatform Carree share a building @ the Koestraat in Zwolle. We are mutually interested in what the other is doing and share the solidarity with vulnerable woman all over the world. One reason is that we are all women too but another reason is that we strongly believe in independence, equality and respect! We collaborated earlier in 2016 with the first ‘Orange the World’ day.

Artwearness designed a special and limited edition  (max 500 numbered pieces) especially for Vrouwenplatform Caree. This year we present and sell the shirt again (@http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/). By buying this shirt your solidarity cut both ways, one; by showing it and two; by supporting Vrouwenplatform Caree!

interested? http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/

Buy one and donate automaticly €5,- to Vrouwenplatform carree!