Changing traditions is the way to achieve a smaller eco footprint

Something to contemplate and think about in 2018.

Traditions, hard to touch, hard to change and impossible to discuss. People feel easily attacked when the subject comes on. Whether it is about black Peet, Christmas or New Years eve……. can’t touch this.

One good reason to renew, re-invent certain traditional events is our climate, our future, our planet…Our traditional behavior equals the horn of plenty. Big spending, buying all kinds of kitsch with Christmas, Eating like there’s no tomorrow, producing waste for a whole year….  Trowing firecrackers or small bombs for pleasure on new years eve, producing tons of CO2 in one night. need we say more…..Wanna change, change your tradition.

Traditions are  Flauwe Kult, it is for real….. By the way check our design Flauwe Kult @  and  Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle

sorry we’re so critical, thats our tradition ( : …. SEE YOU IN 2018


Made (it) In Zwolle

Thomas A. Kempis, Johan Thorbecke and Artwearness are Made In Zwolle.

And proud of it too!

Artwearness has a new alliance with Made In Zwolle.

Made In Zwolle is an online platform for local artist, creators, designers, crafters and producers. All are makers in Zwolle.

We have several designs @ the webshop Made In Zwolle and the number of designs will grow in the future.

One of the designs is design ‘Statement’ and of course our X-Mess design will be present!

Don’t let our English communication fool you, we are as Dutch as Rembrandt and Zwols as Zwolse balletjes. We communicate in English because it’s, like body language, an universal language.

We like to make our mark with, leave our traces and stand tall for our blue heritage.

So a little Made (also) in Zwolle, history and future for you

Thomas A. Kempis:Thomas A. Kempis is born in Kempen ±1380 (Near by Krefeld) and died in Zwolle 25 July 1471. He was a middelages Augustine, kanunik, copyist, writer and mythicus. He was member of a movement of Modern Devotion and a disciple of Geert Grote. Is send to school in Deventer (the centre of modern devotion) and is thought by the great Geert Grote him self. He stayed in Deventer for 7 years. He became priest in the Augustine priory of Bergklooster St. Agnietenberg, close to Zwolle, Thomas A. Kempis was an enlightened modern devote.

Johan Rudolph Thorbecke: Half German, born in Zwolle 14 January 1798 died 1872 in Den Haag. He was a politician of liberal signature and member of the 2e kamer (house of parliament) in Den Haag. Minister internal affairs an MP of several administrations. He is considered to be the founder of the Dutch ‘parlementarism’

Also Made in Zwolle, (a little later): Herman Brood, born 5 November 1946 and lived and died 11 July 2001 spectacular in Amsterdam. He was a rock n’ roll Junky, musician, painter, pianist, actor, author and hedonist.

check this when you are in Zwolle: Herman Brood experience

But very much alive, very successful and very Zwols: rapper, musician: Typhoon,rap formation & former Opgezwolle : Rico & Sticks, one of the best, creative and pure minded producers, A.R.THer Majesty‘s favorite;  Bertolf and our own (Artwearness) shooting star Sebastiaan van Sliedregt . (Once modelled for us but actually becoming a great Bass player….hello music industry : watch this guy!)

Last but not least: Artwearness born in Zwolle 2014 & also still alive and very kicking!!!

Need we say more?

Get (modern) devoted to Artwearness or just in to us, were cool….and Zwols ( :

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A beautiful (X) Mess (market)

(For Dutch scroll down )

It is cold outside, It is snowing constantly. The first tasteless X mass hits are hitting the ether and glitter and glamour seems to be everywhere. All ingredients for Christmas are here. What used to be a heathen fest to lighten up the deepest dark days mid winter became a highly spiritual festivity to celebrate the birth of Christ and to promote peace is partially backslided to a grande feast of  kitsch and consume. So, having said that, Artwearness is part of a ‘tasteful’ and modest but  cosy market. The Market @ the Cele kwartier (design, art, specialities and activities) is part of the greater x-mass & food market downtown Zwolle . T- shirts in winter time seems not the most practical item to sell, but we sell more. We  sell you a deep thought, a hint of irony, a splash of philosophy and a deep sense of  common sense. ( ;

Come and share this loving feeling with us @ Kerst In Zwolle ///the Celekwartier/ Papenstraat,  Market in Zwolle. 17-12-17 > 13.00u tot 17u

And because Christmas is all about awareness too; our shirts are made of slave free and sustainable cotton and we choose not to have a stock (other than the shirts on the market stand before you  and @ warehouse Blauwdruck) to keep a small as possible footprint. Merchandise with  consciousness. For this special X mass we have our own special X mess design. Check it out! That is the christmas spirit!

(check the flyer below)

Het is koud buiten, het sneeuwt constant. De eerste zouteloze kerstliedjes bestormen de hitlijsten. en overal lijkt het te glitteren en glammen. Alle ingrediënten voor Kerstmis zijn hier. Wat ooit een heidens feest van het licht was om de donkere dagen te verdrijven werd een hoog spirituele festiviteit om Christus te vieren  en om het belang van vrede te bezingen is deels wat afgegleden naar een groots en meeslepend feest van kitch en consumeren. Dat gezegd hebbende Artwearness maakt dit jaar deel uit van een bescheiden maar gezellige kerst en food markt (design, kunst, specialiteiten &activiteiten). De markt in het Cele kwartier /Papenstraat maakt deel uit van de  grotere Kerst in Zwolle markt. T- shirts in de winter is misschien niet het meest praktische item om te verkopen maar we verkopen meer; we verkopen diepe gedachtes, vleugjes ironie, een snufje filosofie en ene diep gevoel van gezond verstand. ( ;

Kom en deel dat mooie gevoel met ons @ het Celekwartier/papenstraat, markt, Zwolle. 17-12-17 > 13.00u tot 17u

En omdat kerstmis ook over awareness gaat; onze shirts zijn gemaakt van slaaf vrije en duurzame katoen en we hebben er voor gekozen om geen voorraad te hebben (anders dan hier op de markt en bij Blauwdruck) om een zo klein mogelijke ecologische footprint achter te laten. Koopwaar met bewustzijn. Voor de kerstdagen hebben we ook een speciaal X mess ontwerp! dat is de kerst spirit!


Thank God It’s Friday but Black Sabbath is on it’s way.

After a week of Artwearness Nice Price Festival, the climax is and the end of it, is near. One more day left for you to purchase this cool, original, artful, slave free, sustainable and unique product. Just € 25,- Where is that you say???@ warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle, for sure! This nice price applies not only on all physical shirts in store but or every shirt that is ordered from there by our Pick and Choose Form. Pick and Choose you say? Yes, that is our paper web-shop extender. Well, you’ll see when you get there. But don’t wait to long because after Black Sabbath all shirts will be regular but fair priced again!! Check us and say Hay to (Blauwdruck owner) Jorien. She will appreciate it ( :
Artwearness is also mentioned  in a newsletter by Vrouwen platform Carree, Zwolle: Newslettervrouwenplatformcarree

From Ruby Tuesday till Black Sabbath

Artwearness Nice Price Week: on Ruby Tuesday (05-12), Moody Wednesday, Sweet Thursday, Thank God It’s Friday and, the final last nice price day, on Black Sabbath’ (09-12) .

This action applies on all Artwearness shirts only @ Warehouse Blauwdruck between 01 and 09 December!

Keep track of us. Consume with conscious!

Find our live shirts @ Blauwdruck Zwolsch WarenhuisSassenstraat 26. Zwolle


Nice price week @ Blauwdruck

Artwearness will have her own holliday action @ warehouse Blauwdruck, 

Because we like to do things differently.

The nice price action is there to stay for a whole week starting today  01 December till Saturday 09 December. To stay in style we invented our own days of the week specials continuing after The Weeknd with: ‘No sale on Bleu Monday (because warehouse Blauwdruck is closed on Mondays). Of course the nice price week  is to be continued on Ruby Tuesday, Moody Wednesday, Sweet Thursday, Thank God It’s Friday and, the final last nice price day, on Black Sabbath’ .

This action applies on all Artwearness shirts only @ Warehouse Blauwdruck between 01 and 09 December!

Keep track of us. Consume with conscious!


Nice Price Week @ Blauwdruck In warenhuis Blauwdruck Heeft Artwearness  zijn eigen feestmaand actie.

Omdat we nou eenmaal graag dingen anders dan anders doen. De nice price actie duurt een week te beginnen vanaf vandaag  01 december tot zaterdag 09 december.

Om een beetje in stijl te blijven hebben we onze eigen dagen van de week uitgevonden te vervolgen na The Weeknd; geen sale op Bleu Monday, want dan is de winkel dicht. Dan wordt het weer voortgezet op Ruby Tuesday, Moody Wednesday, Sweet Thursday, Thank God It’s Friday met als laatste nice price dag Black Sabbath’

Deze actie geld voor alle Artwearness shirts alleen in warenhuis Blauwdruck tussen 01 en 09 december. Houdt ons in de gaten en consumeer bewust!