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Design Surreal will be reality soon. Junior designer Damien Eektimmerman designed this interesting design for us.

What do you think??? I think it is fabulous.

Soon this design will be (freezed) available @

Also will we present this design in our ‘ Artwearness @ the museum’ catalogue. (newsflash 2. Artwearness@ the museum is also in the making)

Keep track of us….

MOMMmmmmm’s the word

Check warehouse Blauwdruck if there’s still a Mom’s shirt left…. You might as well get a great present for your mother??? right?

Blauwdruck is located @ the Sassenstraat, Zwolle

(NL) Design Surreal zal spoedig realitiet zijn.  Junior designer Damien Eektimmerman heeft dit interessante ontwerp voor Artwearness gemaakt.


Wat vind je ervan? Ik denk dat het een geweldig ontwerp is

Dit design zal binnenkort (stilstaand) in onze webshop verschijnen 

Dit design zal ook zijn opwachting maken in onze  ‘ Artwearness @ the museum’ catalogus. (newsflash 2. Artwearness@ the museum is ook nog in de maak)

Blijf ons volgen…

MOMMmmmmm’s the word

Check warehouse Blauwdruck  of er nog Mom shirtjes zijn, je zou maar zo een geweldig cadeautje voor je moeder kunnen kopen, toch?

Blauwdruck is te vinden @ the Sassenstraat, Zwolle




Author: Mao @ Artwearness

Artwearness. Wearable art. Accessible for the masses, suitable for the connoisseur Our concept is simple; for us a t-shirt is like a canvas with artistic & social statements longing to be exposed. With our artistic statements and ironic graphics, we seduce and tickle the wearer of the shirt to get out of his or her comfort zone and become more than a billboard for a brand name. Inspiration. Some of the prints are inspired on and extracted from artworks made by Artwearness founder Marit Otto, visual artist, in Zwolle. They are stripped of their original context and placed in a new perspective. Next to this we present fresh and new conceptual graphic designs. These concepts are based on an idea, a hunch or on current events. Our variety of shirts distinguish themselves by several themes like statementz, artwearness, awareness, specialz, and philosophicalz, Girlz & Boyz Artwearness is awareness The time we live in requires a different way of thinking and (re)acting. We are dealing with mass culture, overconsumption, over population and climate change. Artwearness offers the conscious consumer an original and honest product; we believe in making choices Sustainability and fair-trade. Artwearness has no stock; each order is printed on demand for each customer. No stock means no surplus and no waste resulting in a smaller ecological footprint. We print on Stanley and Stella shirts. They produce beautiful, high quality, modern, sustainable and slave free products. We are very aware of the world around us and we offer the conscious consumer an honest alternative to the price fighting fashion industry. Currently this is still reflected in the price of our products. Artwearness is an initiative by Marit Otto ( and Erik van Scheijndel. ( Artwearness also offers a platform for other artists. Artwearness is always looking for more creatives. Designers, artists and illustrators are more than welcome to join our club and expand their options for showing their concepts. Artwearness wants to exhale artfulness, playfulness, enthusiasm and sustainability. We invite you into a cool and untamed world of art and philosophy.