Back to the mothership

(Eng) Artwearness is next to the web-shop also based in hometown Zwolle @ (lets call it) the Mothership, for our live shirts and much more cool art from other artist/creatives, Warehouse Blauwdruck. (also known as little Berlin 🙂

Here you can sample what high quality shirts we sell and of course few of our unique designs. Some of them are not even for sale in the web-shop. So any trendsetting early bird should take a look. You could be the first one wearing it.

When: from the 15th of November. Where: Warehouse Blauwdruck, Sassenstraat 26, Zwolle.

(NL) Artwearness heeft naast haar web shop nog een basis in haar thuisstad Zwolle @ (laten we het) het moederschip (noemen), waar onze shirts live verkocht worden naast allerlei andere kunstzinnige items van kunstenaars en creatieven, Warehouse Blauwdruck. (ook wel bekend als klein Berlijn 😉

Hier kan je voelen wat voor hoge kwaliteit t-shirts we verkopen en natuurlijk onze unieke designs bekijken. Sommigen zijn nog niet eens te koop op de web-site. Dus elke trendsettende vroege vogel zou eigenlijk even moeten gaan kijken… je zou maar zomaar de eerste kunnen zijn die het draagt.

Waneer: vanaf 15 november. Waar: Warehouse Blauwdruck, Sassenstraat 26, Zwolle.

Back to the mothership

New design Minimal

Hello, there’s some fresh new from us. Today we launched our latest design in our web-shop. It takes a good look. This design is definitely ‘not’ in your face. it is quiet modest and almost invisible at first sight. It is Minimal.

Minimal design means maximal effort of the designer.

Considering and weighing to make an intelligent choice that supports both efficiency as well as aesthetics.

Less is more and less is less.

Is there some space left for minimalism, in our ‘to the max’ society?


This design fits right into our Museum campaign as-well because it links to art as a long swift tail to a lizard. We do love minimal art @ Artwearness. 

We sample a few nice minimal artworks for you; see below

But first sample our own minimalistic presentation;

Isabelle wears design Minimal
This design is made by Damien Eektimmerman 2018, under supervision of Artwearness

And check out this cool animation

Take a glance at our shirts.

What is minimalism? 

Take notice of this short insight

Check our refreshed website too @

Design Zapped is on discount

Design Zapped is discounted from 05th October till 05th December. 

Check this cool shirt @

‘Are you already poltergeisted or lost in translation?

“Walk this great earth with this cool art on this sustainable shirt.”

Artwearness; makes art talk, makes art walk.’

Stay positive.
Stay green.
Stay human.

Handy Warhol

Handy Warhol,

Manufacturing popular art for the masses requires handiness. Being such master of this discipline meaning you’re a damn Handy Warhol

This great design is part of our Museum-campaign and is not yet available in our store. 

Other than that; we offer till tomorrow and again @ half November a selection of our shirts live @ sales point Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle and of course @ our sublime web-shop,  Handy dandy!

Dandy Warhol

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. This Warhol, quote is very much alive these days. Not everyone is famous, bus almost everyone makes a claim to fame. Just by manifesting their uppermost perfect and beautiful self.
This in itself is the perfect ‘Dandyness’. All what matters is the shining surface.
This great design is part of our Museum-campaign and is not yet available in our store. Other than that; we offer from half November a selection of our shirts live @ sales point Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle and of course @ our sublime web-shop, Want one now, mail us @ and order personally by mentioning : Dandy Andy! You will be the first to wear it.


As Rosa Parks once said: “You Must never be Fearful about what you are doing when it is right”.

Of course we know we do not even stand in the shadow of this greatness of revolutionary behavior but we do feel inspired. We sure can use some true inspiration these days! 

Check us for more inspiration @

“I had a dream“, these are the undying famous words of dr. Martin Luther King. (Washington, August 28, 1963).

We picked a few lines that apply on us all.

(MLK from I had a dream speech) “But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we’ve come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”

In other words no privilege but a necessity for all! Check us for you revolutionary necessities @

What is more brave and revolutionary than standing up as a woman in a extremely conservative environment. This is why you need to know her>? straight from wikipedia:

Tawakkul ‘Abd us-Salām Khalid Karmān; or romanized Tawakul Tawake

 (born 7 February 1979[6]) is a Yemeni journalist, politician, and human rights activist. She leads the group “Women Journalists Without Chains,” which she co-founded in 2005.She became the international public face of the 2011 Yemeni uprising that is part of the Arab Spring uprisings. She has been called the “Iron Woman” and “Mother of the Revolution” by Yemenis. She is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the first Yemeni, the first Arab woman, and the second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize and the second youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date.

Here here to Tawakul!!!!!

Not nearly as brave but otherwise cool, check us @

Che Guevara quoted once: Cruel leaders are ofthen replaced by new leaders turning cruel. So true, even in his case and the cas he fought for. Does this proof that a dictator or despot started out as idealist in the first place?
lots to contemplate…… contemplate with us @ and check our shirts live @ warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle

Behind the scenes

Photoshoot museum catalogue 2018

Hereby we share with you a little sneak behind our scenes. Soon you will be introduced to our museum cataloque. A new and experimental step for us to move our product towards museum shops in the Netherlands and abroad. There for artful poses from beautiful unique and totally natural models was needed to give shape to our shirt designs (and catalogue) In case you wondered were our designs are……..The designs are edited later on to the white canvas of their shirts.

Bij deze delen we een klein kijkje achter de schermen. Binnenkort zal je kennismaken met onze museum catalogus. Een nieuwe en experimentele stap om ons product richting de museumwinkels in Nederland en daarbuiten te krijgen. Daarvoor waren mooie kunstzinnige poses van onze mooie, unieke en 100% natuurlijke modellen om vorm te geven aan onze designs (en catalogus). Voor het geval dat je je afvraagt waar het design in dit geval is gebleven…… dat monteren we pas naderhand digitaal op het shirt.

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Orange the World @ Vrouwen platform Carree

 Artwearness and Carree joined in a special limited edition theme T-shirt ‘ Orange The World’

See below what Vrouwen Platform Writes in her newsletter about this:

 Artwearness en Vrouwenplatform Carree hebben elkaar gevonden in een speciaal, thema T- shirt in gelimiteerde oplage ‘Orange The World’

Lees hieronder wat zie daar zelf over zeggen:

Vrijheid en veiligheid voor elke vrouw via Orange the World

Dit jaar haakt Carree met veel enthousiasme opnieuw aan bij de wereldwijde actie van de UN, Orange The World. Zoals jullie weten voelen wij ons verbonden en solidair met kwetsbare vrouwen over de hele wereld. Daarom is door Artwearnesseen special edition ‘Orange The World’ shirt ontworpen, speciaal voor Vrouwenplatform Carree. Hoe mooi! Het is een gelimiteerde en genummerde oplage tot 500 stuks. Met de koop van een shirt steun je zowel Orange the World als Vrouwenplatform Carree met het project De nieuwe Toekomst. Lees hier meer over deze mooie actie of bestel je shirt direct hier. We nodigen je van harte uit: doe mee en lever een bijdrage aan vrijheid & veiligheid voor elke vrouw!