There is a brand new design @ Artwearness, Beatlesk.

John wears design Beatlesk by Artwearness

It could be looked upon as a tribute to The Beatles or a tribute to the beetles or a tribute to the Beetle on wheels. Whatever suits the best. A Beatles fan will instant recognize the Beatles logo in our design. This fits our postmodern way of creating. Does it fit your postmodern way of wearing (art)?

Beatlesk, an iconic pop group, John, Paul, George and Ringo, small but harnessed insects, a lovely seventies car.

It is nothing grotesque but at the least somewhat Beatlesk.

For any Beatles or Beetle lover.

This shirt is available in S M L XL – V and O neck for male & female

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showroom Female O neck- V neck and male V Neck and O neck

Rembrandt still contemporary?

Yes we do have a brand new design and its called ‘Contemporary Since…’

Model Richie showed Contemporary Since….

A tribute to……..

A tribute to the Dutch master, who proves to stay contemporary since he keeps the public captured with his work still today. And since it’s the year of Rembrandt we choose to honor him wit this design.

This is design is available @ our store

Yes he rocks, since 1606.

Rembrandt started his career in the 17th century. In those days people would say that they were on a brink of modern civilization. VOC, the first multi national emerged, introducing exotic herbs and exploitation. It brought prosperity and wealth to our claygrounds. The fashion trend was stiff but gracious. Black was the bomb. The Flemish, Portuguese and Spanish influence the 17thcentury hipsters in the street scene. And the millstone ruff rocked high society. It all vanished, surpassed by newer ages, gone. But Rembrandt still lives along, ruling the art world and being strangely contemporary as ever ( :

This shirt is available in S M L XL – V and O neck for male & female

Launch of design Surreal!

(scroll naar beneden voor de Nederlandse versie:)

Yesss! today is the day that our new design will launch. Design ‘’Surreal’’ is now a reality! Normally I don’t wright blogs, but today is an exception. My name is Damiën Eektimmerman (One of the artists featured on the ‘’More artists page’’  Artwearness and creator of the surreal design). And as guest blogger for today, I’m gonna tell you a bit about the process of the ‘’Surreal’ design.

When I heard the theme for this design was ‘’Surreal’’  I immediately got exited. Surrealism might be one of my favourite forms of art, so this assignment suited me very well.

During the first steps I came up with several concepts, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Until one evening Salvador Dali and his iconic moustache just popped up in my head. I could see his moustache spelling out the word ‘’Surreal’’, and knew straight away that this would be a great base for the design. Once I had the idea my head it seemed so obvious. Dali is a legend when in comes to surrealism, furthermore his way of looking at the world has been a huge inspiration for me.

Design Surreal shows his Royal surrealness, Salvador Dali. Man’s madness and genius captured in a surreal image it-self. What can we learn from the outrages art of Dali? Well, what we can learn from artists like Dali is creating that art is a process of a total fusion between art & soul. A little strangeness is more than welcome and helps by staying mesmerized and bewildered. An artist is really not in the first place a merchant; he’s the enchanter we are all longing for in this time and age.

Richie wears Surreal design

This design is made by Damien Eektimmerman, 2018. See also

Available as of today on

Soon available @ Blaudruck as well


Yesss! Vandaag is de dag dat ons nieuwe design online komt. Design ‘’Surreal’’ is nu realiteit! Normaal gesproken schijf ik geen blogs, maar vandaag is een uitzondering. Mijn naam is Damiën Eektimmerman (1 van de artiesten die te vinden is op de ‘’more artist’’ pagina). En als gast blogger voor vandaag  ga ik jullie wat vertellen over het process van het ‘’Surreal’’ ontwerp.

Toen ik hoorde dat het thema ‘’Surreal’’ zou zijn werd ik gelijk enthousiast. Surrealisme is misschien wel een van mijn meest favoriete vormen van kunst, dus dit thema paste perfect bij me. Tijdens de eerste stappen heb ik een aantal concepten bedacht, maar ik was er nog niet echt tevreden mee. Tot ik op een avond plotseling Salvador Dali en zijn iconische snor in m’n hoofd had zitten. Ik stelde me zijn snor voor die het woord ‘’Surreal’’ spelde, en wist gelijk dat dat een goeie basis was voor het ontwerp. Toen ik het idee eenmaal had leek het zo vanzelfsprekend. Dali is een legende als het aankomt op Surrealisme, en daarbij is zijn manier van naar de werd kijken voor mij persoonlijk een enorme bron van inspiratie.

Design Surreal toont zijne surrealistische hoogheid, Salvador Dali. De mans gekte en genialiteit zelf,  gevangen in een surrealistisch portret. Wat zouden we kunnen leren van de buitenissige kunst van Dali? Ik denk dat als we iets  kunnen leren van kunstenaars als Dali is het wel dat kunst maken een proces is van art en ziel. Dat een beetje raarheid meer dan welkom is en helpt bij het betoverd en  het verwonderd blijven. Een kunstenaar is niet in de eerste plaats een koopman, hij is de tovenaar waar we allemaal naar verlangen in deze tijd!

Dit design is gemaakt door Damiën Eektimmerman, 2018. Zie ook moreartists

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New design ‘Only Political’ @ Artwearness


Elections city council (gemeenteraadsverkiezingen)- are on its way. 21-03-2018. Politics is not something alien, it is all about day to day life, your life. Artwearness wishes you good-luck and wisdom with your opinion and vote!

“I claim solutions to solve pollutions

It is not mythical, it’s only political

I claim the way to a better society, from big spender to sobriety

It is not typical, only political.

I am the vox populi, your servant and your master

It is not physical, just political.”

This deep design is available @ – check @ Statementz


Ans as always some political inspiration for you;

Made (it) In Zwolle

Thomas A. Kempis, Johan Thorbecke and Artwearness are Made In Zwolle.

And proud of it too!

Artwearness has a new alliance with Made In Zwolle.

Made In Zwolle is an online platform for local artist, creators, designers, crafters and producers. All are makers in Zwolle.

We have several designs @ the webshop Made In Zwolle and the number of designs will grow in the future.

One of the designs is design ‘Statement’ and of course our X-Mess design will be present!

Don’t let our English communication fool you, we are as Dutch as Rembrandt and Zwols as Zwolse balletjes. We communicate in English because it’s, like body language, an universal language.

We like to make our mark with, leave our traces and stand tall for our blue heritage.

So a little Made (also) in Zwolle, history and future for you

Thomas A. Kempis:Thomas A. Kempis is born in Kempen ±1380 (Near by Krefeld) and died in Zwolle 25 July 1471. He was a middelages Augustine, kanunik, copyist, writer and mythicus. He was member of a movement of Modern Devotion and a disciple of Geert Grote. Is send to school in Deventer (the centre of modern devotion) and is thought by the great Geert Grote him self. He stayed in Deventer for 7 years. He became priest in the Augustine priory of Bergklooster St. Agnietenberg, close to Zwolle, Thomas A. Kempis was an enlightened modern devote.

Johan Rudolph Thorbecke: Half German, born in Zwolle 14 January 1798 died 1872 in Den Haag. He was a politician of liberal signature and member of the 2e kamer (house of parliament) in Den Haag. Minister internal affairs an MP of several administrations. He is considered to be the founder of the Dutch ‘parlementarism’

Also Made in Zwolle, (a little later): Herman Brood, born 5 November 1946 and lived and died 11 July 2001 spectacular in Amsterdam. He was a rock n’ roll Junky, musician, painter, pianist, actor, author and hedonist.

check this when you are in Zwolle: Herman Brood experience

But very much alive, very successful and very Zwols: rapper, musician: Typhoon,rap formation & former Opgezwolle : Rico & Sticks, one of the best, creative and pure minded producers, A.R.THer Majesty‘s favorite;  Bertolf and our own (Artwearness) shooting star Sebastiaan van Sliedregt . (Once modelled for us but actually becoming a great Bass player….hello music industry : watch this guy!)

Last but not least: Artwearness born in Zwolle 2014 & also still alive and very kicking!!!

Need we say more?

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