Design ‘Earthling’@ Artwearness

Design Earthling is partially inspired on ‘Earthling’ (song and album title by David Bowie). It rises the question what does it mean to be an earthling on a lonely and remote star ship called Earth, or Gaya. It feels not solitude at all, with a population of 7.5 billion people. But yet we are, universal wise………………. What are our options anyway if this ship is sinking?

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Is it hip to be square these days?

Being square used to be something rigid, inflexible and conservative. The geometrical shape of the square is quiet caustic compared to the souplesse and roundness and infinity of a circle. Nevertheless square thinking seems to be back again and it might have great consequences if the round minded are unaware of it. So maybe it is time to promote roundness as an alternative to the squareness! It surely gets the world in better shape!