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Yesss! today is the day that our new design will launch. Design ‘’Surreal’’ is now a reality! Normally I don’t wright blogs, but today is an exception. My name is Damiën Eektimmerman (One of the artists featured on the ‘’More artists page’’  Artwearness and creator of the surreal design). And as guest blogger for today, I’m gonna tell you a bit about the process of the ‘’Surreal’ design.

When I heard the theme for this design was ‘’Surreal’’  I immediately got exited. Surrealism might be one of my favourite forms of art, so this assignment suited me very well.

During the first steps I came up with several concepts, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Until one evening Salvador Dali and his iconic moustache just popped up in my head. I could see his moustache spelling out the word ‘’Surreal’’, and knew straight away that this would be a great base for the design. Once I had the idea my head it seemed so obvious. Dali is a legend when in comes to surrealism, furthermore his way of looking at the world has been a huge inspiration for me.

Design Surreal shows his Royal surrealness, Salvador Dali. Man’s madness and genius captured in a surreal image it-self. What can we learn from the outrages art of Dali? Well, what we can learn from artists like Dali is creating that art is a process of a total fusion between art & soul. A little strangeness is more than welcome and helps by staying mesmerized and bewildered. An artist is really not in the first place a merchant; he’s the enchanter we are all longing for in this time and age.

Richie wears Surreal design

This design is made by Damien Eektimmerman, 2018. See also

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Yesss! Vandaag is de dag dat ons nieuwe design online komt. Design ‘’Surreal’’ is nu realiteit! Normaal gesproken schijf ik geen blogs, maar vandaag is een uitzondering. Mijn naam is Damiën Eektimmerman (1 van de artiesten die te vinden is op de ‘’more artist’’ pagina). En als gast blogger voor vandaag  ga ik jullie wat vertellen over het process van het ‘’Surreal’’ ontwerp.

Toen ik hoorde dat het thema ‘’Surreal’’ zou zijn werd ik gelijk enthousiast. Surrealisme is misschien wel een van mijn meest favoriete vormen van kunst, dus dit thema paste perfect bij me. Tijdens de eerste stappen heb ik een aantal concepten bedacht, maar ik was er nog niet echt tevreden mee. Tot ik op een avond plotseling Salvador Dali en zijn iconische snor in m’n hoofd had zitten. Ik stelde me zijn snor voor die het woord ‘’Surreal’’ spelde, en wist gelijk dat dat een goeie basis was voor het ontwerp. Toen ik het idee eenmaal had leek het zo vanzelfsprekend. Dali is een legende als het aankomt op Surrealisme, en daarbij is zijn manier van naar de werd kijken voor mij persoonlijk een enorme bron van inspiratie.

Design Surreal toont zijne surrealistische hoogheid, Salvador Dali. De mans gekte en genialiteit zelf,  gevangen in een surrealistisch portret. Wat zouden we kunnen leren van de buitenissige kunst van Dali? Ik denk dat als we iets  kunnen leren van kunstenaars als Dali is het wel dat kunst maken een proces is van art en ziel. Dat een beetje raarheid meer dan welkom is en helpt bij het betoverd en  het verwonderd blijven. Een kunstenaar is niet in de eerste plaats een koopman, hij is de tovenaar waar we allemaal naar verlangen in deze tijd!

Dit design is gemaakt door Damiën Eektimmerman, 2018. Zie ook moreartists

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Dog Eat Dog

Dog eat dog design @ Artwearness

It is a dog eat dog world. A funny expression, I cannot recall an actual dog eat dog situation, not in real life, not in the papers & not on the web. Of course dogs do have a certain reputation, to live up to. The larger dog intimidates by size, the small dogs barks & bite. Not seldom the smallest dog has the biggest dog eat dog mind set. It has no choice it is small. So attack is in this case the best defence. It seems to say “Beware I look small and innocent but underneath I am a giant maniac. I am totally non predictable, by the time you turned around I already bit your tail off”. The big dog, the one that actually lives up to the term Dog eat dog…. is totally unaware of his size, and dog eat dog capabilities. He’s a good fella & lovable. Still dog eat dog is a marvellous saying that makes sense instantly if no actual dogs are involved.

The most famous dog of all is notorious Snoop Dog. For his alther ego he choose the most lovely charley brown cartoon dog ever. He’s the big dog, looks dangerous (probably was in his early days) but ends up being a nice & relaxed fella. The dog, likes Gansha. So maybe he barks a bit, but he won’t bite.

Besides Snoop Dog, there’s also a movie called Dog eat Dog. Really an amusing but typical film. Not really a plotline. But great enlarged characters. Dafoe and Gage doing what they do best playing the tormented bad guy. Who are accidentally getting from worse to catastrophical situations.


Happy Apocalypse

Design Happy Apocalypse; I can almost hear your thoughts right now, isn’t it a bit of a rough start of a new spring Monday. Well, yes. But not the way you expect. This particular design is extracted from an artwork of mine (mao’07) from 2007 ‘Apocalypse’. The artwork represents an apocalyptic concept of men but the tumbling figures are somewhere in between flying and falling.  It leaves the viewer with the question, are they having fun or what? Are the on their way to meet the creator or are they celebrating freedom? They are footloose, somewhere in between ecstasy and disaster. The choreography of life as I see it. Life is like an ocean with high tides and low tides, crushing and vibrant, destructive and glorious at the same time. We are not living the ultimate dream, we just try to maintain and survive the best we can. In the meanwhile enjoying our selves it if we are able too.

Design Happy Apocalypse is discounted during a period of one month! Check us @ www.,

Painting Apocalypse by Marit Otto 2007 (in art collection Isala, Zwolle)

Some extra inspiration on the subject:





Shit Happens

Stepping out of the wrong side of the bed, bumping your little toe to the bedside, stumbling over the cat who’s constant at your feet to show you her affection, spilling milk over your fresh outfit, forgot your keys while you just slammed the door, missed the bus, forgot your lunchbox or to comb your hair, spinach between your teeth’s, two different socks, traffic jam, data loss, got fired, bad hair day, quiet desperation shit happens (and then you die)

Personal affairs can be shitty by them selves, you really don’t need the shit of the entire world. Still…you cannot close your eyes to it. Currently a large piece of coral is damaged by BAM at Curacao harbour. It happened by accident, they said. And they (BAM) will look in to it. If they appear to be guilty of the matter they will compensate. But who or what are they going to compensate? It took ages to grow; it took a minute to annihilate. It cannot be compensated by money and they cannot make new coral, that’s for sure. To get back on the shitty subject, there’s nothing you can do really, but saying he!, shit happens and proceed with whatever you were doing. And life’s goes on until it stops.

Who ever dived or snorkeld at Curacao or Bonaire knows how exeptional overwhelming, delicate and beautifull it is.

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Slaved By The Bell


This weekend I read an item in the ‘Volkskrant’ on how we are all addicted to the Internet (our smartphone’s). This article about social psychologist Adam Alter reflected what I felt ever since the mobile hype started. Me, myself am laughed at because of my ancient Nokia (no problem by the way). Did I resent having a Smartphone in the first place? No, I did not. I resented the idea that I had to have one in order to be looked upon as a modern human being, not cut off by society, not a hermit. Well, whenever I feel the strong social (peer) pressure of doing something that’s not necessarily my own idea, I am getting alarmed, persistent and headstrong. So at this moment I hang to my Nokia as a leaf to a tree. I wonder who is having the benefit of social media addiction and smartphone dependency? Right guess, it is not you or I, it is the big data company, the phone Company and Zuckerberg, getting richer and more powerful everyday Creepy when you think of it. I ofthen wondered why people aren’t more critical towards this kind of mass surrender to what we call ‘technical progression’. Why do we seem to be not able to control our own mechanisms? Why are we slaved?

To be honest, Artwearness is active on most social platforms. Therefore Smartphone’s of others are used because I do not own one. Does this make me a bit of a hypocrite? Maybe. But everyone seems to live and buy on social media and not being represented, as a company equals no visibility, no vital force. And I must say I do enjoy it, communicating with the world. On the bright side, it offers us free platforms to spread our creativity and launch our ideas. That is a good thing, a great thing of internet. I still discover a lot of great creativity, great idea’s and beautiful art. But there’s a lot of bullshit too to be honest. How many selfies can a human brain bare? Why does just somebody’s face in million poses attracts so much likes, time after time? It puzzles me.

To end this discourse I would plaid to get real creative! Use this multi media tool to spread great thoughts and images, to question the world, the big data market, our selves. Lets get wiser, (suck up all there’s to learn on the net) instead of dumber (gazing at other faces). Just like Spinoza started the enlightenment movement, we need a new enlightenment to get out of the dark ages of Internet and evolve truly to a higher state of being. Just technical innovation is not enough!

This though is brought to you by Artwaerness design Slaved By The Bell. R U Interested in becoming an ambassador of this thought? Just buy this great design at our web shop and start spreading this peculiar statement

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British Delight

Design British Delight is extracted from an artful collaboration between (founder & house designer Artwearness & autonomous artist) Marit Otto & Mirthe Langelaan (artist, painter). This collaboration ‘Duo Ongezoet‘ was named after the material they both worked with in this project ‘candy. One of our ‘products’ from a series of candy photographs was called British Delight. 

The chosen iconic model on our promo is Iris Apfel. She stands for originality, personality, fashion and art. She was her own artwork in progress. Artwearness salutes her and all colorful people.

Design British Delight is available @ and nowhere else!






Democracy Is No Commodity

Democracy Is No Commodity, or is it? This seems to become more and more an essential question these days. Is the word democracy subject to decay? Potential dictatorial leaders claiming true democracy while aiming on pure undiluted and undisputed power. Hm…..

This is our ode to democracy, she’s not perfect and sometimes it feels inefficient but its basically like owning (very) old shoes, you don’t throw them away before you bought (proper) new shoes. And for now the proverbial shoe store does not have an appropriate alternative in store….

we selected some interesting links for you on the subject.

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Potential Hero

Have a nice weekend!
Design Potential Hero @ www.artwearness.comBeing a potential Hero definitely beats being no hero at all.

Inspiration for the flyer are the Dude & Walter from The Big Lebowski