Design ‘No Spares’

Design ‘No Spares’ @ Artwearness is extracted from an artwork of Marit Otto. With this design we remind you and everyone of the fact that we do have actually just one planet. Despite all the efforts of Elon Musk planning a trip to Mars with the first explorers. Brave, bravo! Once you went to the red there’s no turning back to the bleu planet. Despite of all scientists who signal all the time, the real change has to come from you, everyone and me.

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Not Only Civilized (part two)

What is civilization really? We look upon our selves as civilized creatures. We went to school, dress our selves properly and are house broken. Early civilizations began to overrule the so-called inferior species (primitives). For very civilized reasons of course: they would bring civilization according to what they thought it meant. If the inferiors were not supportive about their submission, the civilized would force civilization on them for the good off all (although, they claimed). Take the Romans with their silly manors and their frivolous outfits, they left us with roads, aqua ducts, drainage canals, politic systems and nice touristic sites all over Europe. But they also introduced slavery on a larger scale (note: they were not the first) they were decadent and thought they were superior to the under developed cavemen like Vikings, Germans, Hispanics, Gauloises and so on. To concur is to civilize. The Roman civilization collapsed on excesses, decadency, politic disputes and paranoia and finally ceased her existence. So much for the Roman Empire. With our very well developed intellect and civilization you could think that from then it was only upwards! And we would have learned from history. No such thing is true; later on many empires inspired on the Romans tried to concur in new ways, new strategies but according to the same dogma. We still commemorate the Second World War. Even after this war everyone was convinced that this (racism, fascism, genocide) could never happen again. Little did we know? This war was not the last war; it is unfortunately one of many and many more to come. A lot of new Roman empires with other names and appearances are growing and expanding. The motto: make war, and bring (our idea of) civilization is still very trending. So that rises to the question; what is being civilized really? I hope to find the answer some day…

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British Delight

Design British Delight is extracted from an artful collaboration between (founder & house designer Artwearness & autonomous artist) Marit Otto & Mirthe Langelaan (artist, painter). This collaboration ‘Duo Ongezoet‘ was named after the material they both worked with in this project ‘candy. One of our ‘products’ from a series of candy photographs was called British Delight. 

The chosen iconic model on our promo is Iris Apfel. She stands for originality, personality, fashion and art. She was her own artwork in progress. Artwearness salutes her and all colorful people.

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Democracy Is No Commodity

Democracy Is No Commodity, or is it? This seems to become more and more an essential question these days. Is the word democracy subject to decay? Potential dictatorial leaders claiming true democracy while aiming on pure undiluted and undisputed power. Hm…..

This is our ode to democracy, she’s not perfect and sometimes it feels inefficient but its basically like owning (very) old shoes, you don’t throw them away before you bought (proper) new shoes. And for now the proverbial shoe store does not have an appropriate alternative in store….

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When ever will there be world peace? As far as I’m concerned we start today. We don’t stop (sending our love souldiers) until you won’t drop (your bombs)! Humans, we are strong-headed creatures with minds of our own. If every strong persuader says he’s absolutely right, than he’s probably wrong. Still, strong opinions, idea’s, religions are seldom tolerant towards opposite points of few. What is the sum of all these big & strong headed, self-convinced, power addicted, and fanatic leaders, we see today? It gets us no were but deeper in conflict. So I repeat, send in the love souldiers, I believe strongly they still exist.  Make love not war and so on hallelujah, insjallah, peace! Have a nice weekend.

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Design Zapped (mao2014). Inspired on a TV media fossil from long lost times.


The miracle we call intelligence. How do we feed it? What do we feed it?

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Cool intelligent design printed on sustainable and slave free cotton!


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some links selected for you to the media fossil were the design is inspired on.


‘Not Easy Being Green’

It is not easy being green” is a famous quote from a green Muppet frog called Kermit. Kermit was referring to him self, his destiny wearing his green skin, and during romantic endeavours with miss Piggy. He suffered from self-pity in a very charming way. But his words covered a lot more, maybe more than he realized back in the happy Jim Hanson years.

It is ‘not easy being green’ > if you live in Russia and being critical to the corruption of Medvedev or the Poetin administration. Or being critical to the regime what’s so ever.

It is not easy being green if you are Turkish and not in favour of the rising new dictator called Erdogan.


It is not easy being green if you are a Muslim in a polarized world. Caught in between two extremes. Not Muslim enough for the Muslim fundamentalist, not western enough for the populist.

It is not easy being green if your name is Jesse Klaver, in for the race to the new ‘right’- ‘middle’ oriented Dutch cabinet. What’s there to win; a lot! What’s there to lose? His electorate> see what happened earlier.

It is not easy being green in a globalized world, with rapidly increasing populations and many mouths to feed.

But it might be the only reasonable thing to do.

Become green, stay Human!










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‘Blocking the Sun’

Yes it’s true, Trump wants to get rid of the Obama Care.  The voting at the  House of Representatives is postponed, because it can’t get a majority vote on the matter. Trump is not happy and grunts, “It’s all or nothing“. The republicans are divided on the matter.  The moderat part of the right wing is pro Obama care and against the Health Care Act, because they fear it only gets worse. And the redneck, Tea party part of the republican party thinks even the Trump ‘Health Care Act’ is not sufficient enough. Trump is caught in the middle. Let’s hear a prudent ‘Hurrah’ for the democratic system. Sometimes it puts a hold of progressive idea’s, but in this case it is the dam that turns the flood. 

I am not American, but Dutch and coming from what we used to call a National Health Fund, what earlier used to be governed by the state but currently  becomes more and more a victim of free market forces.

I believe strongly that everyone regardless their income should have acces to healthcare. It should be a basic principal in our so called civilized worlds, to care for one and other, to care for the lesser gods. The rich can spare more and the poor can spare less, it’s that simple.

Trumps voters believed that he was the voice of the forgotten ones. Now, if this isn’t prove that he has no eye for the forgotten ones at all, I do not know what does!

Design ‘Blocking the Sun’, is all about the haves  v.s. the have nots. In our case we sauced it with bit of humor, but the message should be clear.

Artwearness chooses to act in a humane way, taking account of the world around us and giving you some thing to chew on once in a while……

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Original, sustainable and slave free:

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New design ‘ Alley Oop’ @ Artwearness

Design Alley Oop is a salute to basketball, the most creative of all sports (sorry, not a real sports fan), but it is also a metaphor for achieving your goals by aiming right, taking risks. Not seldom ballet and modern dance moves are being used to score.  Twirling and twisting……And besides the design itself is just a nice graphic.

Dennis Rodman is modeling (fictive) our shirt with the print here. Why did we pick Dennis Rodman of all people? He is controversial and a bit extreme.

The part of being friends with Kim Young Un is really offensive and odd, to say the least. But this rough boy has a soft side too. He made a statement against fur! Which is utterly cool in a world were recently wearing fur is becoming very common again.

Dennis Rodman, regardless of what you might think of him, is a totally unique and original human being. Thats a feature to cherish in a world were everybody seems to look and act like each other.

Here here for the colorful people!!

It Rains Shirts

It rains shirts, it is pouring. Fortunately it is not causing a flood like in Peru, but a continuous stream of new ideas and designs.

Nevertheless, mentioning Peru; images of the flood, rivers running trough streets and destroying houses, constantly on my mind. On the other hand draught, like in some parts of Africa right now, is also a real killer.

The latest news on climate change is that we entered an new era that no scientist could predict so far, temperature and catastrofe wise. The best part is that living in the damp and cold Netherlands, is getting better. No one here will resist to the idea of a few degrees warmer. Other parts of the world will become desserts, wetlands or too hot to live.

That is why Artwearness supports the Green and honest way of doing busyness. This is why we do not offer you a shirt for a few euro’s. We offer you a shirt with a great original design and a clear conscious. By choosing for sustainable T shirts (Stella and Stanley) with eye for the welfare of the earth and the people on the cottonfields. No modern slavery but fairtrade. No polluted cottons but bio cotton. No enormous stocks but printing on demand.

In the future we would like to make the transport wrap more sustainable too. That is step two.


So do you believe it’s time to make a chance? Pay a little more, because you can, maybe buy a little less, to work on a better, fairer world?

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