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Temp model Isabel wears Artwearness design Rebelicious

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Check out our latest design Rebelicious. No design @ Artwearness  is without meaning or thought. We are here to educate you on opinion and taste. Besides we have the best and most original designs.

James Dean was a rebel without a cause, Che Guevara was a rebel with a cause. Singer Lauren Hill cries out to rebel in her song I find it hard to say. Her powerful words hits you like a sledgehammer. Her message is urgent.

I quote a few lines here: 

Lyrics: I find it hard to say. by Lauren Hill

Female round neck -white.Background portrait, Lauren Hill

“And what I gotta say, is rebel, it can’t go down this way
Choose well, choose well, choose well…
…choose well, choose well, choose well
And while the people sleep, too comfortable to face it
Your lives are so incomplete, and nothing, and no one, can replace it”

The word rebel has a brave connotation. You might even say it is Rebelicious to rebel. But it has no meaning at all if the reason or the cause it self is lame of selfish.

At this current moment people are revolting in yellow jackets

Not sure what to think of it but what we do know that social media is the  engine that fuels the mindset of the masses..

The question that raises is if the anger towards the governments is justified. Who is responsible for prices going to the roof and increasing environmental taxes and who holds the key to change. 

The truth is that we, the common people, the consumers are as much responsible as anyone else. If we make different choices, on daily basis, we are able to change our world into a better one. Even a small gesture of one person can make a difference.

Female V neck -white.Background portrait, Che Guevara

Why don’t we rebel against multinationals that are polluting our world and exploiting the less beneficial? Why are we keep shopping like crazy and ignore the sources of unrealistic cheep products? Why do we support unhealthy & powerfull companies as Mc Donnalds & Coca Cola by eating and drinking stuff that is a hazard for your body and environment? And what about the endless  support of the biggest crooks of all, Facebook? What about it? Non of this can be settled by any government.

On the brink of X mass I would say; take a closer look at your own behavior if you want to revolt and change the world. Change is possible. It starts here.

As Lauren Hill would say: And while the people sleep, too comfortable to face it. Your lives are so incomplete, and nothing, and no one, can replace it”

This cool Tee Rebelicious waiting to be worn by true soul rebels is available @ and of course @ our house dealer in hometown Zwolle; Warehouse Blauwdruck. Is your design not there? Check Jorien.

Female round neck -white.Background portrait, David Bowie

Artwearness is awarenessThe time we live in requires a different way of thinking and (re)acting. We are dealing with mass culture, overconsumption, over population and climate change. Artwearness offers the conscious consumer an original and honest product; we believe in making choices

Sustainability and fair-trade.Artwearness has no stock; each order is printed on demand for each customer. No stock means no surplus and no waste resulting in a smaller ecological footprint. We print on Stanley and Stella shirts. They produce beautiful, high quality, modern, sustainable and slave free products. We are very aware of the world around us and we offer the conscious consumer an honest alternative to the price fighting fashion industry. Currently this is still reflected in the price of our products. Artwearness is an initiative by Marit Otto ( and Erik van Scheijndel. (

Male round neck -white.Background portrait, James dean

A.I. a new & ‘intelligent’ design

Yes there’s a new one. This time inspired on our high tech lives. Although artificial intelligence is currently a serious matter we approach it with little humor. But we are also aware of it  because soon the imaginary line between human and humanlike technology will be crossed and then what?

(NL) Ja, daar is alweer een nieuwe. Deze keer geïnspireerd op onze high-tech levens. Hoewel kunstmatige intelligentie tegenwoordig een erg serieus en actueel thema is benaderen we het thema met humor. Maar we zij ons ook heel erg bewust van de dunne lijn tussen mens en intelligente machine, deze dreigt snel te verdwijnen…. en dan wat?

In addition we have a nice philosophical thought for you:

“If all intelligence were artificial, than what would be the state of civilization?

Would it be clean, punctual and orderly, but boring and loveless? Or would it be fantastic, inventive and progressive but pure functional?

Hope, that this question is never finds it’s answer.”

(NL) We hebben in navolging daarop nog een kleine gedachte voor je:

” Als intelligentie kunstmatig was, wat zou dan de staat van onze beschaving zijn?

Zou het een schone, punctuele en geordende maar saaie en liefdeloze samenleving zijn? Of zou het fantastisch, inventief en progressief maar puur functioneel zijn?

Ik hoop dat deze vraag zijn antwoord nooit vindt.”


This  distinctive Artwearness design is avialable @ our webshop now:

Dit onderscheidende ontwerp is verkrijgbaar @ onze webshop vanaf

New shirts @ Blauwdruck

soon:a selection with a few pre releases for the early adapter. (by it there, you’re the first, so trendsetting!)

(NL) Nieuwe shirts @ Blauwdruck

Binnenkort een selectie van een aantal pre-releases voor de ‘early adapter’ (koop het daar en je bent gegarandeerd de eerste, dus een trendsetter)

Keep you posted!

No longer Bleu or Blue

Hello to you, hereby we present our new design ‘No Longer Bleu’ and ‘No Longer Blue’ depending which you prefer and where you come from. 

We all just survived bleu/ blue Monday, some more heroic than others.  We are no longer blue/bleu but we’re tainted with all colours of the rainbow. Though the sky is still grey we are determent to be and stay colourful. Have a nice day!

Follow us, visite us @ We got the best designs and the most original thoughts. Visite Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle , for checking our shirts ‘live’ or use Pick and Choose. (say Hey to Jorien from Artwearness & get 10% off)and visite Made in Zwolle, for our designs and many more Zwolse designers and producers.(say Hey to Asselien from Artwearness & get 10% off). No Longer bleu/blue is only available @

The best music to underline this thought with overwhelming power…. Don’t wanna fight no more > Alabama Shakes.

Made (it) In Zwolle

Thomas A. Kempis, Johan Thorbecke and Artwearness are Made In Zwolle.

And proud of it too!

Artwearness has a new alliance with Made In Zwolle.

Made In Zwolle is an online platform for local artist, creators, designers, crafters and producers. All are makers in Zwolle.

We have several designs @ the webshop Made In Zwolle and the number of designs will grow in the future.

One of the designs is design ‘Statement’ and of course our X-Mess design will be present!

Don’t let our English communication fool you, we are as Dutch as Rembrandt and Zwols as Zwolse balletjes. We communicate in English because it’s, like body language, an universal language.

We like to make our mark with, leave our traces and stand tall for our blue heritage.

So a little Made (also) in Zwolle, history and future for you

Thomas A. Kempis:Thomas A. Kempis is born in Kempen ±1380 (Near by Krefeld) and died in Zwolle 25 July 1471. He was a middelages Augustine, kanunik, copyist, writer and mythicus. He was member of a movement of Modern Devotion and a disciple of Geert Grote. Is send to school in Deventer (the centre of modern devotion) and is thought by the great Geert Grote him self. He stayed in Deventer for 7 years. He became priest in the Augustine priory of Bergklooster St. Agnietenberg, close to Zwolle, Thomas A. Kempis was an enlightened modern devote.

Johan Rudolph Thorbecke: Half German, born in Zwolle 14 January 1798 died 1872 in Den Haag. He was a politician of liberal signature and member of the 2e kamer (house of parliament) in Den Haag. Minister internal affairs an MP of several administrations. He is considered to be the founder of the Dutch ‘parlementarism’

Also Made in Zwolle, (a little later): Herman Brood, born 5 November 1946 and lived and died 11 July 2001 spectacular in Amsterdam. He was a rock n’ roll Junky, musician, painter, pianist, actor, author and hedonist.

check this when you are in Zwolle: Herman Brood experience

But very much alive, very successful and very Zwols: rapper, musician: Typhoon,rap formation & former Opgezwolle : Rico & Sticks, one of the best, creative and pure minded producers, A.R.THer Majesty‘s favorite;  Bertolf and our own (Artwearness) shooting star Sebastiaan van Sliedregt . (Once modelled for us but actually becoming a great Bass player….hello music industry : watch this guy!)

Last but not least: Artwearness born in Zwolle 2014 & also still alive and very kicking!!!

Need we say more?

Get (modern) devoted to Artwearness or just in to us, were cool….and Zwols ( :

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A beautiful (X) Mess (market)

(For Dutch scroll down )

It is cold outside, It is snowing constantly. The first tasteless X mass hits are hitting the ether and glitter and glamour seems to be everywhere. All ingredients for Christmas are here. What used to be a heathen fest to lighten up the deepest dark days mid winter became a highly spiritual festivity to celebrate the birth of Christ and to promote peace is partially backslided to a grande feast of  kitsch and consume. So, having said that, Artwearness is part of a ‘tasteful’ and modest but  cosy market. The Market @ the Cele kwartier (design, art, specialities and activities) is part of the greater x-mass & food market downtown Zwolle . T- shirts in winter time seems not the most practical item to sell, but we sell more. We  sell you a deep thought, a hint of irony, a splash of philosophy and a deep sense of  common sense. ( ;

Come and share this loving feeling with us @ Kerst In Zwolle ///the Celekwartier/ Papenstraat,  Market in Zwolle. 17-12-17 > 13.00u tot 17u

And because Christmas is all about awareness too; our shirts are made of slave free and sustainable cotton and we choose not to have a stock (other than the shirts on the market stand before you  and @ warehouse Blauwdruck) to keep a small as possible footprint. Merchandise with  consciousness. For this special X mass we have our own special X mess design. Check it out! That is the christmas spirit!

(check the flyer below)

Het is koud buiten, het sneeuwt constant. De eerste zouteloze kerstliedjes bestormen de hitlijsten. en overal lijkt het te glitteren en glammen. Alle ingrediënten voor Kerstmis zijn hier. Wat ooit een heidens feest van het licht was om de donkere dagen te verdrijven werd een hoog spirituele festiviteit om Christus te vieren  en om het belang van vrede te bezingen is deels wat afgegleden naar een groots en meeslepend feest van kitch en consumeren. Dat gezegd hebbende Artwearness maakt dit jaar deel uit van een bescheiden maar gezellige kerst en food markt (design, kunst, specialiteiten &activiteiten). De markt in het Cele kwartier /Papenstraat maakt deel uit van de  grotere Kerst in Zwolle markt. T- shirts in de winter is misschien niet het meest praktische item om te verkopen maar we verkopen meer; we verkopen diepe gedachtes, vleugjes ironie, een snufje filosofie en ene diep gevoel van gezond verstand. ( ;

Kom en deel dat mooie gevoel met ons @ het Celekwartier/papenstraat, markt, Zwolle. 17-12-17 > 13.00u tot 17u

En omdat kerstmis ook over awareness gaat; onze shirts zijn gemaakt van slaaf vrije en duurzame katoen en we hebben er voor gekozen om geen voorraad te hebben (anders dan hier op de markt en bij Blauwdruck) om een zo klein mogelijke ecologische footprint achter te laten. Koopwaar met bewustzijn. Voor de kerstdagen hebben we ook een speciaal X mess ontwerp! dat is de kerst spirit!


Hang On to Yourself

We presented our new design Non Conformist past week to you. In our blog we let you take a glance of our designers motives. A design can be just pleasing or esthetic, commercial and popular. Created for instant succes….

Maybe money making is less interesting than using all your creative powers and really make an effort to add something fresh to this world. That could be a thought, an idea, an opinion driven by other motives than opportunism and money. Plain and honest statements, they seem rare these days.

One of my ultimate Heroe of non conformism was The Wide Eyed Boy From Free Cloud, David Bowie. When I was a insecure teenager he thaught me,  that being different was cool, ultra cool. He made artistic statements and was inimitable. Still, today, almost a year after he died, Ziggy’s Stardust was never more shining in his absents. Still he left a void. The world needs Little Wonders like he was.

We al seek for Saviour Machines, but as the lyrics of the song says, If you please them to much it will control and destroy you……It needs a counter word, an opposing word to sharpen his mind. It needs a Sense Of Doubt. 

Live is Quicksand as it is, Fashions comes and Fame goes. Living Under Pressure in order to find this Velvet Goldmine. 

Day in Day out, we trie so hard to be a part of something bigger but in fact we our selves could be larger than the sum of our coins and the size of our ego. We could be Heroes, just for one day. Doing it the Right way….and Don’t Look Back In Anger

Dear David, we salute you and thank you for all the inspiration!

Check our shop @



Che(z) Moi (revolutionaire avant la lettre)

Did you ever notice that lots of fashionitas, fashionobro’s and fashionadas are wearing prints of Che Guevara? Unfortunately lots of people are totally unaware of what they wear. Che became just a commercial cool picture with a hint of a rebellion mind-set, to rub off on the one that carries the image. So my statement here is; at least know what or whom you wear, if you wear a portrait or a famous quote or even a brandname.

But we would not be us if not to play with this ultimate iconic and squeezed to the max image. But we did give the icon a new perspective. This time it is all about the empowerment of the hero within your selves, if there ever is one. Che (z) Vouz? Che(z) Moi, Revolutionaire avant la lettre? (Excuse our French). This specific design exist for a while now, but is now discounted from €29,95 to €25,00. Become heroic your self! Check us

Oh God, Why Am I So Fly?

Check our new design @

Oh God, Why Am I So Fly? This could be an outcall for recognition if you did not knew any better. We are totally aware of the lucidity of flyness, hipness, coolness and trendiness. Truly, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If you want to become a true member of the fly community it might help to be totally not dedicated to what ever fashion dictates, but be your own and dictate fashion, That, or become a regular fly and buzz.


For our promotion we always use inspirational elements that are rooted in the film, art, design and popular industries; in short > culture. The upside of this is that if you keep track of our Cultcorner you wil be automatically fed with all kinds of culture (cult). In this case: The green Butchers by Anders Thomas, the director of many fantastic and humoristic movies. A side effect of that is that he like to work with the same actors.  Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Jensen are frequent flyers with Anders Thomas! Both wonderful and allround actors. A few trailers for you to feast on. check it out!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam coming week; do not forget to check The Go Gallery for our special limited  Harry met Harry and Sally met Sally  designs


Get your limited design tee @ the Go Gallery!

Coming weeks Harry and Sally are celebrating Pride in Amsterdam! The Go Gallery is having a theme exhibition and in addition to that our special edition ‘Harry met Harry‘ & ‘Sally met Sally‘ t-shirt designs are also for sale in the gallery. Limited and only for sale @ the Go Gallery. So if you like to make an artistic statement, want to wear a great shirt during this event, are drawn to this cool graphic, or for what ever other motive, GO to the GO! Marnixstraat 127, Amsterdam. Did I already mentioned that they show great art too!

Daan is modeling the designs with flair and panache! The scenery is our rainbow path located at the south side of Zwolle central station.

Do not forget also have a sales point in Zwolle @ Blauwdruck (Sassenstraat) and our permanent digital showroom & shop @ Check us for the coolest designs and spread the word!

Feel the fabric, check the designs live @ blauwdruck

Twenty different designs in various colors and sizes, male and female, round necks and V necks. Only a range of designs, (we have ± 100 by now). but a nice selection for the connoisseur who wants to snif, touch, feel, test and wear before a purchase. If your design of choice is not there, just ask. and a shirt of the right size, color, shape can be ordered on the spot. Or you can check te website, later on and make your choice.

What kind of store is Blauwdruck anyway? Blauwdruck is a special store with art, art related and artfull products. Mostly from artist from Zwolle region. They are located in an old Chinees restaurant at the corner of classy shopping district of Zwolle, de Sassenstraat. The atmosphere you encounter is that of a hint of Berlin and a brush of Soho (London /NY) but in nice, pittoresk downtown Zwolle setting. Friendly and exiting at the same time. Tired of shopping and visual exhaustion of all the cool stuff, sit down with a nice cup of coffee, tea or and a nice bite to eat…. so wat are you waiting for? By the way as long as you are visiting Zwolle you might as well visit museum the Fundatie, City Museum Zwolle, Waanders in de Broere, and ‘de Grote Kerk’ with a temporary exhibition of Artez Finals @ much more……

Monday a special about our beautiful models!