Behind the scenes @ the photoshoot 13 July ’17

Tuesday July 17th, the photoshoot with Daan van de Konijnenburg took place. We (Marit & Davey) had planned the shoot on Wednesday 16th but unfortunately it rained cats & dogs that day so we postponed it. One day later the weather was just fine. Daan made a selection of his outfits at home and after coffee and some small talk he slides into his first outfit. Urban style because our first location is a gateway to the rest of the world, train station Zwolle. Recently the station had a total make over and it has a modern and futuristic look. Not in the last place because of the Portal (part of an artwork of Ram Katzir & Hertog Nadler)  This video installation represents the station as a time portal, to travel trough time instead from station to station). We used the installation, great curved walls, the escalator and the elevator as scenery.

On the North side of the station we shoot some pictures of the gaybrapath. A nice statement of the community of Zwolle. We are a GLBTQ+ friendly community. When we finished shooting on this location we went to the office of 19 het Atelier Architects.  The perfect location for an artful and industrial looking scenery. Soon you will encounter Daan in several poses and shirts! Keep an eye on us!

Dutch Mountains

One of the designs you will encounter live @ the Artwearness stand 15 June 2017, is design ‘Dutch Mountains’. For this special occasion all the shirts on the stand will be discounted from €29,00 to €25,00. Just this one day. We will hope to see you there @ the Kloostertuinen/Dominicanen Klooster, Zwolle. Check us: follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Inspiration for the name of the design is the song Dutch Mountains by the Nits. The brave looking man on the promo are Will Smith and Clint Eastwood. 

Another link to the design is an artwork by Marit Otto named ‘Strange Company’. This artwork is in a private collection in Dubai.

New design Naked Truth

We present to you our new design Naked Truth. This design is extracted from an artwork by Marit (house designer @autonomous artist) named  Concealed & Naked Truth. This artwork and design is al about the quest to find the truth, if there is just one truth. In this complex world truth seems to be in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to religion even more so. Many religions claim the sole and only truth. A non believer could state ‘ if it suppose to be the truth, than why does it called believe anyway?’. Is what I just wrote true? It is up to you.

Original artwork Concealed and Naked Truth 2015:

Behind the scenes

It might be that you are a regular visitor of our site or our Cultcorner and it might be that you have no idea who’s who behind all the visual violence and comments and what is our drive. So it is about time we introduce our selves to you,

 What kind of enterprise are we?


Artful, fresh, sustainable and original.

Artful & original.
The time we live in requires a different way of thinking and acting. We have to deal with mass culture, overconsumption, over population and climate change.

Artwearness offers the conscious consumer an original and honest product with awareness.
It is a matter of choice.

Social statement.
Artwearness is an initiative of Marit Otto and Erik van Scheijndel. The concept is simple, a t-shirt as a canvas, with a social statement.

By our artistic statements and ironic graphics we seduce and tickle the wearer of the shirt to get out of his or her comfort zone and become more than a signpost for a brand name.

Some of the prints are inspired on and extracted from Marit’s artworks. They are stripped of their original context and placed in a new perspective. Next to this we present fresh and new conceptual graphic designs. The concepts are based on an idea, a hunch or on current events.

Sustainability and fair trade.
Artwearness has no stock; each order is printed especially for each customer. No stock means no surplus and no waste resulting in a smaller ecological footprint. We print on the shirts of Stanley and Stella, they produce beautiful, high quality, modern, sustainable and slave free products.These choices are reflected in the price, we are not cheap. We are no competition for price fighters (Remember some one, some were, some environment gets exploited for cheap fashion). We offer you an honest alternative.

More artist, welcome.
Artwearness is looking for more creative’s. Are you a designer, artist, illustrator looking for a piece of wearable canvas to expose your art on? Join us by sending us a letter of application and a portfolio by mail:  Read our conditions (@ more artist)

Artwearness wants to exhale artfulness, playfulness, enthusiasm and sustainability. We take you to a cool and untamed world of art and philosophy.

Who are we; (from left to right, top to bottom) Founders: Marit Otto & Erik van Scheijndel and crew: Mike Olgers, Ellen Bloemhof en Davey van der Velden

Marit is autonomous artist and currently she runs ‘Atelier 007’ for art and graphic design in Zwolle. She believes art is a way to communicate. Art is authentic and offers a different point of view to current affairs and day to day live. The prints she makes are humorous and sometimes a bit on edge, but always original. Not designed for the greater masses but for the connoisseur.  Marit used elements from her artworks and turned them into graphic designs. But most designs are graphic designs based on thoughts and concepts.

More information see also:

Let me introduce myself, I’m Erik van Scheijndel. I daily life I’m in command of My experience and my connections with artists led me into the world of Artwearness. The energy and working ethos of Artwearness is very inspiring.  My job at Artwearness is processing orders, budget accounting and morale support.

Artwearness team:

Mike Olgers –Young talent ICT / Back end.
Ellen Bloemhof – Young talent -Graphic design/ Front end.
Davey van der Velden –Young talent- Graphic design/animation/ Front end.

Happy Apocalypse

Design Happy Apocalypse; I can almost hear your thoughts right now, isn’t it a bit of a rough start of a new spring Monday. Well, yes. But not the way you expect. This particular design is extracted from an artwork of mine (mao’07) from 2007 ‘Apocalypse’. The artwork represents an apocalyptic concept of men but the tumbling figures are somewhere in between flying and falling.  It leaves the viewer with the question, are they having fun or what? Are the on their way to meet the creator or are they celebrating freedom? They are footloose, somewhere in between ecstasy and disaster. The choreography of life as I see it. Life is like an ocean with high tides and low tides, crushing and vibrant, destructive and glorious at the same time. We are not living the ultimate dream, we just try to maintain and survive the best we can. In the meanwhile enjoying our selves it if we are able too.

Design Happy Apocalypse is discounted during a period of one month! Check us @ www.,

Painting Apocalypse by Marit Otto 2007 (in art collection Isala, Zwolle)

Some extra inspiration on the subject: