Zorry seems the hardest word to say. Zometimes it takes courage and true character to apologize. And there is always zomething to be zorry about…So, now you can make a great gesture, without words & with a nice twist. Check us & this new design @ www.artwearness.com

Mirthe wears design Zorry!

Touch, feel & fit a selection of our shirts check Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle. See our products and many more unique Zwolse producers check @ Made in Zwolle. 

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Non Conformist (new)

A new design @ artwearness by the title ‘Non Conformist’.

Globalization brings lots of opportunities and brings people and cultures together. Although it often results in equalizing and smoothing all the rough edges of basically everything. Regardless shape, colour, or scent, it ends up a mashed potato with insignificant color, shape and scent. I like to call it the McDonnalysation or Faceboocation of the world. You can travel to the most extreme outskirts of the world and meet different cultures and at the same time drink coke and talk about the same subjects and dance @ the same tunes. As I said theres something really democratic en equal about it, but is is also extremely boring when everyone and everything is alike. I Am born in the seven-tees and grew up in the eighties. To become distinctive and unique was my greatest search. I choke at the idea that I should act conform a (commercial) defined pear group. Maybe, it was just me. maybe I could not fit in anyway. But now I’ am so glad that I became my own. With my own ideals, dreams and oddness. I embrace it. And so should everyone embrace the oddity in her or him self and life it out! Don’t be a number or a sheep. Be unexpected.

Check this cool design @ www.artwearness.com

Mirthe models for Artwearness, wearing design ‘ Non Conformist’

Check this ‘great’ non conformist’


Daan wears design ‘Talented’

Daan wears design Talented! This design is available @ www.artwearness.com

The word Talented brings me to the next question…. R U talented?

We are looking for talents who seek for a stage to show their crafts and great ideas on. Interested? Check: become-more-artist @ artwearness. 


New design Not Square 03

Hereby we present our new design “Not Square 03′ to you.

A square is a mathematical figure or a big open space in a village or city were people and traffic comes together. Our square refers to the squareness of people. Being square is a phrase that is rooted in jazz music. It describes a person *who failed to appreciate the medium, or, more broadly, someone who was out of date or out of touch, hence the saying “be there or be square” (*source Wikipedia). The saying became in fashion  and adapted by the hipsters (1940), the beatbiks (1950), the hippies (1960) and the yippies (1970). These pop cultures were progressive and in favor of a more open mindset to the unknown. In the America’s of the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties and 70ties this mindset is received with mixed emotions. Especially the conservatives thought this would be the end of civilicitaion as they knew it, the others embraced it.

Being Square, someone who clings to repressive, traditional, stereotypical, one-sided, or “in the box” ways of thinking, is not something of the past, it is still representing a large group of people. With all respect, squareness can be caused by fear of the future, fear of aliens, fear of poverty, fear of loss, fear of abandoning the common and safe rituals and fear of change. In fact lot of square people can not be blamed. Most of them ar brought up this way and was never thought to think otherwise. But the side effect of squareness can be intolerance, exclusion, supremacy, ruggedness and maybe even violence or war. Hippies, they may have not be perfect and probably naif, but they did spread the word of love. The beatniks did introduce (besides from jazz) black music and culture into mainstream white music. Artwearness is not called artwearness to not think about these issues of life, so we made this statement because we believe, regardless what ever reason you might have for squareness, that being a bit more round round the edges makes the world go and stay round and a much better place to live on.

Check this great shirt @ www.artwearness.com


Design Not Square 03 by mao2016 (Bratt Pitt Wears)


Mirthe wears Not Square 03
sample of shirt

Square as topic in music & film

New design ‘Paradox’ @ Artwearness

A paradoxical paradox is that the word paradox might aswell is paradox in it self.

We proudly present our latest design to you ‘Paradox’. (concept & design by mao2017)

Can words be artful and mystic? I think they can. An interesting example is the word paradox. This is a beautiful word, word wise. The sum of the characters is visually attractive. If it was art, you could speak of a (Dutch term) ‘Droste effect’ or infinity effect. It is a reoccurring theme that spirals endlessly within itself. Like a riddle in a puzzle that’s a riddle in a puzzle. It contradicts and conflicts all the time without a releasing outcome.

For instance:

“The liar’s paradox.”

“This statement is false.” If you think it’s true, then it must be false, but if you think it’s false, it must be true

Quote on quote: “Paradoxical statements may seem completely self-contradictory, but they can be used to reveal deeper truths.  

The Oscar Wilde paradox I can resist anything except temptation,”

Oscar Wilde used a paradox to point to our fundamental weakness to give in to tempting things (like chocolate or a pretty smile), all the while imagining that we can hold firm and resist them.”

*Source Internet famous paradoxes

The Russel Paradox

The man in the Artwearness promo is Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872- 1970) was a British Philosopher and freethinker. The Russell Paradox, one of many paradoxes, is named after him. This paradox handles the question if the collection of all collections contains it self?

We the people are walking paradoxes all the time

Well maybe you don’t need all this information to be attracted to this cool design. But the paradox is that without it you probably wondered why I choose to design this specific print and what my motives were. Never mind, like it? You can purchase it @ www.artwearness.com.

Model Davey is wearing design Paradox.


PS: did you know Artwearness is homed in Zwolle, the Netherlands?

Folow us!

Ooooh Yes, website Artwearness, re-newed, re-launched & fresh

Welcome to our  world of cool and untamed t- shirt print design…….


Hello everyone,

Our website has a brand new look ! I am really proud of the result and I hope you approve of our adjustments too. First I like to give credits to all who gave their support to make this technical, virtual & complicated endeavor work with research, raw power, knowledge and looks ( :

Keep an eye on these people in the future because they are gonna rock in what ever they pursuit.

Ellen Bloemhof – talented- workforce, junior designer, go-getter!

Davey van de Velden– multi-talented, ICT problem solver and fixer, junior designer, rock!

Mike Olgers ICT force, brains behind the screens, junior 21 century virtual help-desk,back-end manager!

And again: special thanks to Iwan Blokzijl with his crucial tips to improve the website to gain speed, logic and appeal.

And of course to all our TOP modells Sebastiaan, L, Kay, Mirthe, Ryanne, and Daan, who gave a piece of them for us to show off with > a salute to the real & beautiful ones.



Meet our Artwearness models

All our models are very exclusive and special because they are no model (or wanna be models) in real life. They are beautiful, creative, outspoken, unique, genuine, artistic an definitely not mainstream in how they look and what they pursuit. This is why we like to introduce them to you.

Wednesday July 12th we have a new photoshoot, this time with real-life model Daan .

Daan van de Konijnenburg is a creative cameleon. He makes music, human interest documentaries (Daan Ontmoet) and is a experienced expert on mental health issues offering his assistance to the Dutch GGz to contribute to a more positive perception on this issue. Besides all that he’s father of two boys. Daan is a cheerful and energetic person with a spark.




Model Mirthe, she was our previous Model. Mirthe (Langelaan) is in daily life is an collegue artist and we share a creative past with loads of creative adventures. We were next door neighbors at DOAS (institute for art and cultural exchange, Zwolle) and together we collaborated in curating several exhibitions like: Krijtstreep & Canvas DOAS in volle Bloei, participated in duo and group exhibitions at City Museum Zwolle (twice), I Love Candy @ Kop, Breda and many more and developed and created our own artprojects like: Duo Ongezoet . Besides all that she creates beautiful and intriguing art. Rythm, repetition and ordening are three words that comes to mind. I use to say, a  monks work for all that patience that goes into the artwork before it is declared finished. But when it is finished a dazzling pattern of repeating shapes dots, stripes or other unexpected materials as toothbrushes is a small mind blowing experience. besides all that she’s partner of Daan a caring mother and a house painter @ Mirthe Schildert

Model Davey (Van der Velden) is in daily Life student @ Landstede Media & design and devoted intern @Atelier007/ Artwearness  . Besides all that he’s a music lover & maker and a creative workforce for any company. To be honest he was a stand in model, but seems quiet good at the job! Instant model Davey.

Model Ryan van Dijk  is asked to model for Artwearness by Intern and temporary backbone of Artwearness, Ellen Bloemhof. Ryanne is a student @ Landstede Media & design, Zwolle. And a natural model.

Model Sebastiaan, a young musician with cool mindset, great looks and big hair. Sebastiaan is studying Jazz & Pop (Bass) @ Artez conservatorium, Zwolle. His love for music is fed and cultivated right at home by his jazz and funk lovin’ parents (Daddy). At this present time he’s playing in the band Chayah . Keep track of this promising talent!

Model Kay (van Scheijndel) is the 19 year old son of Erik van Scheijndel, my partner in life and in crime (@ artwearness) and a natural when it comes to modeling. At this present moment Kay is in between educations but starting @ HBO Windesheim, Zwolle @ the School of journalism coming semester. In the meanwhile he’s settling and shaping his life, has a place of his own since autumn 2016 and several jobs. He’s a self made man! Besides all that he’s got the looks of his daddy and the swag of a cool rap star, so all ingredients to be a perfect Artwearness model.

I asked model Sindey Faneyte for a special photoshoot aside from the regular shoots. We created a special product: A Zwolle promotion shirt named: ‘Zwolle, hemels & (g)astronomisch’ (Zwolle heavenly and (g)astronomical’) This shirt is market @ Made in Zwolle. Sindey was at the time a Cibap Student @ friend and colleague artist Chantal de Wolde. Before that she studied at David Bade Buena Vista art school Curacao and was willing to help us out. She’s an gifted young artist and a very nice personality.

Last but certainly not least, a cliff hanger, because this ultra cool model don’t wish to reveal her identity. We do respect that. So we won’t. But this model is a style icon. She is Grace Jones meets Skin. Graceful and sturdy at the same time. Does everything with the largest smile on her face like it’s no bother at all. She’s a dear friend and someone to admire and the information stops here, so this item has a sudden death.


See you @ the Green Market?

Artwearness @ Groene Markt, Thursday June 15. Our first market experience! See you there @ Kloostertuin, Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle?

Artwearness @Groene Markt, donderdag 15 juni. Onze eerste markt experience! Zien we jullie daar @ de kloostertuin van het Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle?


Design Slaved By the Bell also at the Groene Markt, Zwolle

Davey & Mirthe are modelling design Slaved By the Bell for Artwearness. It sure does look great on them! As it would look great on you, don’t you think? This shirt will be worn by Marit (artist & art director of Artwearness) on the Green Market in de Kloostertuin of de Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle. So few options are left. You can buy it straight away from Marits body. In this case it might be wise to wash it later on (: depending on the weather or your relation towards Marit! It is also an option is to order it at the stand. All shirts have a special price €25, -. Davey, the handsome guy in the picture is wearing design ‘Shark as a Knife’ on the Greenmarket. A same option applies to him and his shirt.  Davey it self is not for sale.

Check us out!!! www.artwearness.com Discout offers stand for this whole week – till 15-june 2017.