Daddy Cool

Almost fathers day…… 18 juni

Is  your father your guardian, a super hero of anti hero, protective, handy, looking out for you?  Than this might be the perfect gift for him….

In our salute to honor our fathers we salute the real daddy (s) cool:

new design ‘MOM’ @ Artwearness

We present to you our brand new design; MOM. (Your and mine) mother’s day will be on the 14th of May. Take in mind; if it weren’t for your mom you would not exist at all! She carried you around for 9 months and learned how to behave. The simple fact that you are functioning today you owe to her. So celebrate your mother and her special day by giving her a great homage by wearing or giving this great shirt! She will be touched by your effort and feel very much appreciated. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

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Slaved By The Bell


This weekend I read an item in the ‘Volkskrant’ on how we are all addicted to the Internet (our smartphone’s). This article about social psychologist Adam Alter reflected what I felt ever since the mobile hype started. Me, myself am laughed at because of my ancient Nokia (no problem by the way). Did I resent having a Smartphone in the first place? No, I did not. I resented the idea that I had to have one in order to be looked upon as a modern human being, not cut off by society, not a hermit. Well, whenever I feel the strong social (peer) pressure of doing something that’s not necessarily my own idea, I am getting alarmed, persistent and headstrong. So at this moment I hang to my Nokia as a leaf to a tree. I wonder who is having the benefit of social media addiction and smartphone dependency? Right guess, it is not you or I, it is the big data company, the phone Company and Zuckerberg, getting richer and more powerful everyday Creepy when you think of it. I ofthen wondered why people aren’t more critical towards this kind of mass surrender to what we call ‘technical progression’. Why do we seem to be not able to control our own mechanisms? Why are we slaved?

To be honest, Artwearness is active on most social platforms. Therefore Smartphone’s of others are used because I do not own one. Does this make me a bit of a hypocrite? Maybe. But everyone seems to live and buy on social media and not being represented, as a company equals no visibility, no vital force. And I must say I do enjoy it, communicating with the world. On the bright side, it offers us free platforms to spread our creativity and launch our ideas. That is a good thing, a great thing of internet. I still discover a lot of great creativity, great idea’s and beautiful art. But there’s a lot of bullshit too to be honest. How many selfies can a human brain bare? Why does just somebody’s face in million poses attracts so much likes, time after time? It puzzles me.

To end this discourse I would plaid to get real creative! Use this multi media tool to spread great thoughts and images, to question the world, the big data market, our selves. Lets get wiser, (suck up all there’s to learn on the net) instead of dumber (gazing at other faces). Just like Spinoza started the enlightenment movement, we need a new enlightenment to get out of the dark ages of Internet and evolve truly to a higher state of being. Just technical innovation is not enough!

This though is brought to you by Artwaerness design Slaved By The Bell. R U Interested in becoming an ambassador of this thought? Just buy this great design at our web shop and start spreading this peculiar statement

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Potential Hero

Have a nice weekend!
Design Potential Hero @ www.artwearness.comBeing a potential Hero definitely beats being no hero at all.

Inspiration for the flyer are the Dude & Walter from The Big Lebowski




Baby Einstein says,

When we look into our glass bowl and check the nearby future, we see that we are officially re- opened at Wednesday April 19 at 1600 hours. Renewed, refreshed & improved.

To quote Einstein: I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life”

Hope you spend it with us!


Design Baby Einstein is available @


Design Baby Einstein is available @




‘Sad Mammal’

The day after a sunlit spring experience is a bit of a grey day, nondescript, not significant, not poetic at all.  A day as many days,  sandwiched in between’ yesterday and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be promising again. Looking forward to it!

Speaking of poetry:

“Considering coldly, impartially, that man is sad, coughs and nevertheless takes pleasure in his reddened chest; that the only thing he does is to compose himself with days; that he is a gloomy mammal and combs his hair”.

César Vallejo.

This poem was inspiration for design Sad Mammal. It created an image in my mind of an elderly guy standing in front of his bathroom mirror. wondering were the years and his hair had gone. While contemplating he combs and models the few hairs left on his scalp. This image made me laugh, the gloomy sad mammal…..

César Vallejo poetry foundation


‘Not Easy Being Green’

It is not easy being green” is a famous quote from a green Muppet frog called Kermit. Kermit was referring to him self, his destiny wearing his green skin, and during romantic endeavours with miss Piggy. He suffered from self-pity in a very charming way. But his words covered a lot more, maybe more than he realized back in the happy Jim Hanson years.

It is ‘not easy being green’ > if you live in Russia and being critical to the corruption of Medvedev or the Poetin administration. Or being critical to the regime what’s so ever.

It is not easy being green if you are Turkish and not in favour of the rising new dictator called Erdogan.


It is not easy being green if you are a Muslim in a polarized world. Caught in between two extremes. Not Muslim enough for the Muslim fundamentalist, not western enough for the populist.

It is not easy being green if your name is Jesse Klaver, in for the race to the new ‘right’- ‘middle’ oriented Dutch cabinet. What’s there to win; a lot! What’s there to lose? His electorate> see what happened earlier.

It is not easy being green in a globalized world, with rapidly increasing populations and many mouths to feed.

But it might be the only reasonable thing to do.

Become green, stay Human!










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Power Woman


Why is the globe mainly controlled by men? What is the greater benefit for this ‘mans world’. To quote James Brown back in the sixties : What would it be without a woman or a girl”.  It would be much more dull and the world would not be round but square. Theres a statement about woman and war: that no mother would gladly send her young ones to war. I think that’s a true thing.

It is almost forgotten but next to colored, gay, disabled people, woman are still a big discriminated group, maybe the largest in the world. That is why we should celebrate every brave woman who stands up to the oppression of her kind. In our western society maybe not a big deal, but new heroins claiming space in the middle east is a big deal.

An interesting documentary of ‘Tegenlight’ VPRO. (in dutch) see below.


If you wonder were the great design are to be found: Check and look cool, and smart!

change is gonna come @ artwearness

voor Nederlandse versie scroll naar beneden

Artwearness is going trough a transition. Some things will be different in the nearby future. Our website will have a little makeover. For instance the first thing you’ll see is a banner presenting in fast modus a few highlighted designs in various colours. In a wink of an eye the visitor gets an impression of what is offered on our website. The new designs will be presented two by two, instead of in a row of 4 and the images slightly bigger and more obvious than before. A few shirt colours are added or replaced.

What remains is the consumer’s choice, which means you can personalize your design at little additional cost by asking for a different colour combination, print/shirt. Therefor we advice you to get in contact with us by mail. It is even possible you create a personal design, or a design for your club, group, class, institute or platform. There are a few options how. And we would like to inform you about it.

Mail us if you like to have more info.

What also remains is the shirt & print quality. We stay true to the sustainable and slave free cotton of the brand  Stella and Stanley. We do not have any stock, a shirt is printed on demand so we have a rather small ecological footprint.

Dennis Bakker our commercial man is leaving to pursuit his other dream and for now a temporary team will be assembled to keep going. Of course the designs and creative part will remain as it was.

We keep our yes and mind open for someone who likes to explore this commercial part of Artwearness. We cannot offer a job, but a venture with partnership.

Are you that person? Please get in touch with

Due to this changes getting in contact directly is easier using this email:

Within two weeks from now you can use the regular email again. This email is active at all times but it might take a little more time to respond directly.

Your sincerely, Marit Otto & Dennis Bakker


Artwearness maakt momenteel wat veranderingen door. Sommige dingen zullen wat anders zijn in de nabije toekomst. Onze website ondergaat een paar aanpassingen.  De banner bijvoorbeeld, een van de eerste dingen die je ziet, is groter en toont een aantal highlighted designs in verschillende shirt kleuren, in snelle modes. In een oogwenk krijgt de bezoeker een impressie van wat we bieden op onze site.

De nieuwe ontwerpen zullen twee aan twee worden gepresenteerd in plaats van vier op een rij en de afbeeldingen zullen daarom iets groter en beter zichtbaar zijn. Ook zullen we een paar nieuwe shirt kleuren toevoegen.

Wat het zelfde blijft is de ‘consumers choice’, wat betekent dat je, je ontwerp kan customizen door bijvoorbeeld een andere kleur combinatie van print en shirt te vragen. Hiervoor komen er wat additionele kosten bij. Wel adviseren we dit per mail aan te vragen. Het is zelfs mogelijk om een persoonlijk ontwerp voor je club, groep, klas of instituut te laten maken. Er zijn wat opties die we kunnen bespreken. Meer informatie daarover kunt u ook krijgen door ons te mailen.

Wat ook het zelfde blijft is de kwaliteit van de T-shirts. Daarnaast blijven we de keuze maken voor Shirts van duurzame slaafvrije katoen van het merk  Stella and Stanley. We hebben geen shirts op voorraad, een shirt wordt per bestelling geprint. Dus hebben we een kleine ecologische  footprint.

Dennis Bakker onze commerciële man vertrekt om een andere droom na te jagen en voor nu stellen we een tijdelijk team samen om door te kunnen gaan. Natuurlijk blijft het ontwerp en het creatieve deel ongewijzigd. Deze verandering kan wat tijdelijk vertragingen veroorzaken in bestellingen.

We houden onze ogen en oren open voor iemand die een commercieel avontuur aan wil gaan. We kunnen geen baan aanbieden maar wel een partnerschap.

Mocht je, je geroepen voelen; neem dan contact op met Marit Otto

Als gevolg van de veranderingen is het misschien tijdelijk sneller via bovenstaande email te mailen.

Binnen twee weken kunt u gewoon weer mailen met Dit email adres is steeds actief maar mogelijk duurt het iets langer voordat u antwoord krijgt.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Marit Otto en Dennis Bakker