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New design Not Square 03

Hereby we present our new design “Not Square 03′ to you.

A square is a mathematical figure or a big open space in a village or city were people and traffic comes together. Our square refers to the squareness of people. Being square is a phrase that is rooted in jazz music. It describes a person *who failed to appreciate the medium, or, more broadly, someone who was out of date or out of touch, hence the saying “be there or be square” (*source Wikipedia). The saying became in fashion  and adapted by the hipsters (1940), the beatbiks (1950), the hippies (1960) and the yippies (1970). These pop cultures were progressive and in favor of a more open mindset to the unknown. In the America’s of the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties and 70ties this mindset is received with mixed emotions. Especially the conservatives thought this would be the end of civilicitaion as they knew it, the others embraced it.

Being Square, someone who clings to repressive, traditional, stereotypical, one-sided, or “in the box” ways of thinking, is not something of the past, it is still representing a large group of people. With all respect, squareness can be caused by fear of the future, fear of aliens, fear of poverty, fear of loss, fear of abandoning the common and safe rituals and fear of change. In fact lot of square people can not be blamed. Most of them ar brought up this way and was never thought to think otherwise. But the side effect of squareness can be intolerance, exclusion, supremacy, ruggedness and maybe even violence or war. Hippies, they may have not be perfect and probably naif, but they did spread the word of love. The beatniks did introduce (besides from jazz) black music and culture into mainstream white music. Artwearness is not called artwearness to not think about these issues of life, so we made this statement because we believe, regardless what ever reason you might have for squareness, that being a bit more round round the edges makes the world go and stay round and a much better place to live on.

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Design Not Square 03 by mao2016 (Bratt Pitt Wears)


Mirthe wears Not Square 03
sample of shirt

Square as topic in music & film

Oh God, Why Am I So Fly?

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Oh God, Why Am I So Fly? This could be an outcall for recognition if you did not knew any better. We are totally aware of the lucidity of flyness, hipness, coolness and trendiness. Truly, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If you want to become a true member of the fly community it might help to be totally not dedicated to what ever fashion dictates, but be your own and dictate fashion, That, or become a regular fly and buzz.


For our promotion we always use inspirational elements that are rooted in the film, art, design and popular industries; in short > culture. The upside of this is that if you keep track of our Cultcorner you wil be automatically fed with all kinds of culture (cult). In this case: The green Butchers by Anders Thomas, the director of many fantastic and humoristic movies. A side effect of that is that he like to work with the same actors.  Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Jensen are frequent flyers with Anders Thomas! Both wonderful and allround actors. A few trailers for you to feast on. check it out!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam coming week; do not forget to check The Go Gallery for our special limited  Harry met Harry and Sally met Sally  designs


New design ‘Talented’ @ Artwearness

Talented is what you are if bystanders say so. Talented is what you are when your 4 years old and make your first drawing for mom and dad. Talented is what you are when there’s no talent but whit to make others believe your talented. Talented is what you are, if blood sweat and tears are shed before a creation comes to live. Talented is what you are when you had no recognition in life but became famous after you died, Talented is what you are when your a genius and your name is Picasso. Talented is what you are………

Talented is now available @| We are working on our website so at this present moment only white shirts are displayed. Please mention your wanted color on your sale form. 

New shirts @ Blauwdruck, Zwolle

We have various new shirts @ Blauwdruk Zwolle. Twenty unique Artwearness designs. At this moment the Artwearness webshop and Blauwdruck are the only dealers of this cool, honest and artful shirts. Don’t wait until the masses discover it, be one of the trendsetters!
We bieden momenteel diverse shirts aan bij Blauwdruck in de winkel. Twintig verschillende designs. De Artwearness webshop en Blauwdruck zijn de enige dealers van deze coole, eerlijke en kunstzinnige shirts. Wacht niet tot dat de massa het heeft ontdekt, wees een trendsetter.

Dutch Mountains

One of the designs you will encounter live @ the Artwearness stand 15 June 2017, is design ‘Dutch Mountains’. For this special occasion all the shirts on the stand will be discounted from €29,00 to €25,00. Just this one day. We will hope to see you there @ the Kloostertuinen/Dominicanen Klooster, Zwolle. Check us: follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Inspiration for the name of the design is the song Dutch Mountains by the Nits. The brave looking man on the promo are Will Smith and Clint Eastwood. 

Another link to the design is an artwork by Marit Otto named ‘Strange Company’. This artwork is in a private collection in Dubai.

The Content Of Me

Design ‘The content Of Me’ (2015) is al about you, containing flesh and bones and much more. Not the surface of you but your gut, your heart, your brain. What is that what you are made of?   Is your body a silicon valley? Your soul plastic soup…Or is it pure and natural? What is the content of you, what are you about…………………………check this design @ Check us anyway for cool designs!

Connecting inspiring songs: (fresh) Only Human >Rag’n Bone Man & (classic) Flesh & Blood by Roxy Music.