I Declare Love On You

Discount design I Declare Love On You @ Artwearness
Design I Declare Love On you! A great outfit to celebrate the fact that we life in freedom since 1945!

I declare love (rather than war) on you! Celebrate love, celebrate life! A good declaration to life by!

This design is on discount till atleast the 5th of may!

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When ever will there be world peace? As far as I’m concerned we start today. We don’t stop (sending our love souldiers) until you won’t drop (your bombs)! Humans, we are strong-headed creatures with minds of our own. If every strong persuader says he’s absolutely right, than he’s probably wrong. Still, strong opinions, idea’s, religions are seldom tolerant towards opposite points of few. What is the sum of all these big & strong headed, self-convinced, power addicted, and fanatic leaders, we see today? It gets us no were but deeper in conflict. So I repeat, send in the love souldiers, I believe strongly they still exist.  Make love not war and so on hallelujah, insjallah, peace! Have a nice weekend.

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