Discounted Machine Men

Design: Machine Men Discounted till oktober 05 2017. from 29,95 to 25,00.

Famous phrase from the Charley Chaplin Movie ‘ The Great Dictator’:

“Don’t give yourself to machine men with machine minds” .

It’s all over the news. Kim Jong-un and Donald J. Trump constantly bragging about their weapons of mass destruction. Obsessed with war. Will there be a nuclear-war between North Korea and the US?
Only time will tell I guess. Both have no means of standing down and showing a bit of humanity.

Experts tell us that Kim Jong-un has no means of starting a war and using his acclaimed weapons. He uses them only to scare the United States. He calls them his “gifts” for the States.
We can only hope that Kim Jong-un nor Donald J. Trump are clever enough not to push the buttons and launch their weaponry.

Nuclear warfare, death, destruction. Why? Because they want to show who has more power. Who can do most damage to the other, over the heads of innocent civilians. But what do they hope to achieve with a nuclear war? War is and never will be the answer to anything.

Our design originates from the famous Charlie Chaplin and The Final Speech from the “Great Dictator’.

Even though this was ment as a political satire against Adolf Hitler in 1940, it is still relevant to the present.

Even though Kim Jong-un, the 4-star general with no solid military background whatsoever, sounds like an evil and dangerous dictator, there are some claimed facts about him that make him look just silly.

Wear our design and support Charlie’s message. Don’t subside to those so called “superpowers” with their machine minds. We’re humans with the power to create peace. Lets put it to use.

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-Davey van der Velden



Alliance with the Go Gallery, Amsterdam

We have a special temporary alliance with the Go Gallery, Amsterdam. During the Pride weeks (last week July, first week august) the offer next to their own theme exhibition: *Pink with Pride, our theme shirts ‘When Harry met Harry’ & ‘When Sally met Sally’. A special, Go Gallery Limited Edition; With Love from the Artist!

This alliance is exactly what Artwearness stands for; a hybride crossover  of graphic design and art. Bringing, by using the T- shirt as a canvas,  ironic comments and artistic or philosophical statements to the world.  Doing so without losing anything of a good appeal or fashionability. It so happens to be that the designer of Artwearness is also an artist in daily life, so art & design crossovers comes natural to us.

*PINK with PRIDE 2017

PINK with PRIDE 2017 Finally we moved to our brand new gallery, not far from where we were located for 20 years: Marnixstraat 127 in Amsterdam. The new location is still in the Jordaan, but much easier to access with public transport from Central Station and all other directions of the city (bus & tram stop across the gallery). We’re very happy being in this great authentic neighbourhood and our fantastic neighbours of ‘Duende Dos’, the famous Spanish tapas restaurant… Read More Read MoreRead More »

Happy Apocalypse

Design Happy Apocalypse; I can almost hear your thoughts right now, isn’t it a bit of a rough start of a new spring Monday. Well, yes. But not the way you expect. This particular design is extracted from an artwork of mine (mao’07) from 2007 ‘Apocalypse’. The artwork represents an apocalyptic concept of men but the tumbling figures are somewhere in between flying and falling.  It leaves the viewer with the question, are they having fun or what? Are the on their way to meet the creator or are they celebrating freedom? They are footloose, somewhere in between ecstasy and disaster. The choreography of life as I see it. Life is like an ocean with high tides and low tides, crushing and vibrant, destructive and glorious at the same time. We are not living the ultimate dream, we just try to maintain and survive the best we can. In the meanwhile enjoying our selves it if we are able too.

Design Happy Apocalypse is discounted during a period of one month! Check us @ www.,

Painting Apocalypse by Marit Otto 2007 (in art collection Isala, Zwolle)

Some extra inspiration on the subject:





New alliance Artwearness

With the upcoming worldwide event ‘Orange the World (a movement who want to end violence and aggression against women world wide.)we are asked to design a special edition T-shirt for Vrouwen Carree Zwolle. (An organisation dedicated to improve conditions for woman in need).

The special edition is limited only pieces will be printed max.

The shirts costs 35,00 of which € 2,50 of every sold shirt goes to Vrouwen Carree, to keep up the good work


Nieuwe alliantie Artwearness

Met het komende wereld wijde evenement ‘Orange the World’ (een beweging die zich uitspreekt tegen geweld en agressie gericht op vrouwen)

We zijn gevraagd om een speciale editie shirt ontwerp te maken voor Vrouwen Carree Zwolle. (een organisatie die zich inzet voor de sociale positie van meisjes en vrouwen)

Van de speciale editie worden er maximaal 500 geprint.

De shirts kosten €35,00 waarvan 2,50 toekomst aan Vrouwen Carree, zodat zij hun goeie werk kunnen voortzetten.