When Harry, When Sally…

Designs ‘ When Harry met Harry’ & when Sally met Sally are discounted till the Gay Pride week (august 5th). This design stands for love, regardless   combinations of sexes. Artwearness supports,seeks and dresses any open mind!

Both designs are available @ artwearness.com & Warehouse Blauwdruck (special gallery edition) for €25,00 instead of €29,95

Limited & signed

If you want a limited & signed 2018 one in a shirt colour of your liking, with a print colour of your liking, mail @ info@artwearness.com, subject – limited & signed  and order your unique shirt off store. Only €50,-

(After payment (by invoice) your shirt will be signed, sealed and delivered @ your house)

(NL) Designs ‘ When Harry met Harry’ & when Sally met Sally zijn discounted tot de Gay Pride week (5 augustus 2018). Dit design staat voor liefde ongeacht combinaties van sexes. Artwearness steunt, zoekt en kleed elke open mind.

Beide designs zijn te koop @ artwearness.com & Warehouse Blauwdruck (special gallery edition) voor €25,00 in plaats van €29,95

Limited & signed

Mocht je interesse hebben in een limited & signed 2018 in een shirt kleur en printkleur naar keuze? Mail dan naar info@artwearness.com, onderwerp- limted & signed  and order your unique shirt off store. Only €50,-

(Na betaling (via factuur) zal je shirt getekend, geseald en geleverd worden @ jouw thuis adres


new design ‘Unknown Artist’


Unknown Artist; All he or she ever wanted was create something genuine because he/she needed to. What he or she forgot to calculate is the smothering embrace of recognition or the absence of it. ……

The additional ‘real’ story to this design; the male nude study is extracted from an original sketch of an unknown Rijks -Academy (Amsterdam) student from1929 from my own modest private art collection.

Unknown Artist is as of today available in our web-shop @ www.artwearness.com

Unknown Artist; Alles wat hij of zij ooit wilde was iets oprechts maken omdat de intrinsieke behoefte daar was. Wat hij of zij vergat mee te rekenen was de verstikkende omhelzing van succes of het ontbreken daaraan…

Een additioneel ‘echt verhaal over dit ontwerp : de naakte man studie is gebaseerd op een originele schets van een onbekende Rijks Academie Student (Amsterdam), gemaakt in 1929 uit mijn eigen bescheiden kunst collectie.

Unknown Artist is vanaf vandaag in de webshop te verkrijgen @ www.artwearness.com

Nothing beats the strange paradox of the unknown artist. The unknown artist is smartly escaping mass approval and is the best-kept secret or a recommendation for the early adapter. A star is jet to emerge…be aware….There is a true story behind this design… wanna know?

Do you recognize this faceless artist?
Background image Chelsea Hotel, NYC
Background image Chelsea Hotel, NYC

For you we made a nice theme selection of music & film. Enjoy

Under Pressure

Our new design- Under Pressure!

Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets It’s the terror of knowing What the world is about Watching some good friends Screaming ‘Let me out’ Pray tomorrow gets me higher

Enlighten your self, lift your self up and tomorrow will get you higher! www.artwearness.com


The coolest song !!!!

Power Flowers arise….


We like to pay attention to our special this month discount design:

Power Flower’

Womans rights, it seems so naturally and absolutely evident. Do we, the free and independent woman, take it for granted? To be honest, taking myself as example, sometimes I do. It feels absolutely normal if I get equal treatment, if I do not have to worry about an (innocent) pad on the buttocks. Or serious powerplay between the sexes (or I’am not aware of it) . I do not encounter these complicated and belittling situations. Why? I am not sure but I grew up with the state of mind that woman suppose to be equal to men. I also grew up with the reality check that even though my mother and grandmothers fought for there right to be equal, in fact their world was not ready yet.

But my world is. And I consider myself lucky. I must say, independency and self esteem starts with your self and it need to be guarded and protected at al means.

I am a privileged woman, I see that. So my sisterhood oblige me to stand up for sisters in lesser situations. And I  speak, when ever I can, On behalf of them and their future too.

Skunk Anansi as a cool role model… a realPower Flower

The Royal We, Artwearness,  share a workspace with Vrouwen platform caree, Zwolle. They are a serious workforce to empower woman. Young woman, vulnerable woman and isolated woman. Dutch woman who suffered aggression and oppression, Woman without perspective….And this is our very emancipated Holland! Leave alone all places in the world were woman has no rights and are demolished even by there own spouses.

Our workspace is a real suffragette community, all women!! And they make me aware of the need of woman issue awareness every day!

Of all people, woman, are probably still the largest group of discriminated, misused, abused, mutilated and attacked ones.

I like to introduce the following hash-tack to all of our sisters: #Powerflower.


Check this cool t- shirt design  too, it is also discounted from 29,95 to 25,00

And Check the action Orange The world @ vrouwenplatform Carree!

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More news:

This coming week our shirts are again present @ warehouse Blauwdruck @ the Sassenstraat, Zwolle. 

few musical inspirations for you:

Non Conformist (new)

A new design @ artwearness by the title ‘Non Conformist’.

Globalization brings lots of opportunities and brings people and cultures together. Although it often results in equalizing and smoothing all the rough edges of basically everything. Regardless shape, colour, or scent, it ends up a mashed potato with insignificant color, shape and scent. I like to call it the McDonnalysation or Faceboocation of the world. You can travel to the most extreme outskirts of the world and meet different cultures and at the same time drink coke and talk about the same subjects and dance @ the same tunes. As I said theres something really democratic en equal about it, but is is also extremely boring when everyone and everything is alike. I Am born in the seven-tees and grew up in the eighties. To become distinctive and unique was my greatest search. I choke at the idea that I should act conform a (commercial) defined pear group. Maybe, it was just me. maybe I could not fit in anyway. But now I’ am so glad that I became my own. With my own ideals, dreams and oddness. I embrace it. And so should everyone embrace the oddity in her or him self and life it out! Don’t be a number or a sheep. Be unexpected.

Check this cool design @ www.artwearness.com

Mirthe models for Artwearness, wearing design ‘ Non Conformist’

Check this ‘great’ non conformist’


Our shirts are now baked in ‘The Oven’ and more..

Artwearness found a new very contemporary printshop in The Hague (Den Haag) http://theoven.nl/the-oven/. They are specialized in printing full color on cotton garments like shirts and sweaters with high quality digital printers, plotters, embroidery machines and silkscreen. At the same time we say good bey and thank We Produce for printing high quality for us the past years. The Oven is a growing print factory with the future in mind. So we are very happy to be a small part of their factory.

This months discount ‘ Conshumanity’

Also keep checking our special offers once in a while! We stage design Conshumanity for you. This design is made by mao2015.

In honore of William Shakespeare we speak these words:

To consume or not to consume, that is the question.

We are all consumers.
But, what defines us, what keeps us going?
Are we defined by what we consume or by how we act?
What is humanity anyway? Is it the fed by what others might think or is it driven by consciousness?

Stay human,
be human,
be unique,
be Artwearness.

Orange The World Action: still open

Get yours to show your solidarity with vulnerable women all over the world! Embrace the activist in you! Get orange!

check: http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/

Check us @ www.artwearness.com

New design Zorrow @ Artwearness

Zorrow is a Zorro + or a Zorro – the antihero who means well but remains a bit disappointing. Few great antihero’s lined out for you: Walter White, Don Draper, Tony Soprano, Scooby Doo or Shaggy, Guust Flater (Gaston Lagaffe), Inspector Clousseau, Basil Fawlty, Brian from the life of Brian, Ken from a Fish called Wanda, Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow and of course El Duderino from The Big Lebowski . Next to them heroes seems so boring and dull.

Alliance Vrouwenplatform Carree, Zwolle

The UN gave life to a world wide protest against aggression towards women, named Orange The World . Artwearness and Vrouwenplatform Carree share a building @ the Koestraat in Zwolle. We are mutually interested in what the other is doing and share the solidarity with vulnerable woman all over the world. One reason is that we are all women too but another reason is that we strongly believe in independence, equality and respect! We collaborated earlier in 2016 with the first ‘Orange the World’ day.

Artwearness designed a special and limited edition  (max 500 numbered pieces) especially for Vrouwenplatform Caree. This year we present and sell the shirt again (@http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/). By buying this shirt your solidarity cut both ways, one; by showing it and two; by supporting Vrouwenplatform Caree!

interested? http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl/orange-the-world-orange-yourself-er-weer-t-shirts/

Buy one and donate automaticly €5,- to Vrouwenplatform carree!

Artwearness art- tees actieweek @ Blauwdruck, (Sassenstraat,Zwolle)

Tot zaterdag a.s zijn alle Artwearness shirts bij Blauwdruck afgeprijst van 29,95 naar 25,-.

Daarna zijn de shirts even twee maandjes niet verkrijgbaar via Blauwdruck maar gewoon weer via de website: www.artwearness.com.

In de maand december zijn de shirts weer verkrijgbaar en bestelbaar via Blauwdruck!

Artwearness art- tees actionweek @ Blauwdruck, (Sassenstraat,Zwolle)

Till saturday september 30th all Artwearness shirts are at sale @ Blauwdruck discounted from  29,95 to 25,-.

Afther that the shirts will be withdrawn for two months @ Blauwdruck but as usual @ www.artwearness.com.

In december 2017 they return in store…..




Mix And Match

Design ‘Mix and Match’ (mao2015) is on discount @ Artwearness till October 5th 2017. This design refers to Darwins evolution theory. Mixing and matching the gene-pool was the best route to become successful as a living organism. We, the people are living proof of this theory. Though, I must note the following: what means being successful in this perspective?The human race is reproducing as rabbits. An expanding population that wants to submit everything to her wishes, eats and slaves all the other animals till they are vanished. Finally it exhaust the ground she /he walks on till there’s no natural space left. Maybe, Darwin had in mind that everything should be balanced too in order to be really successful.

Anyway, mixing and matching must be the answer to war, dispuit and intolerance too. If we keep mixing and matching we will become all brothers and sisters. Metaphorically speaking that is ( :