I Declare Love On You

Discount design I Declare Love On You @ Artwearness
Design I Declare Love On you! A great outfit to celebrate the fact that we life in freedom since 1945!

I declare love (rather than war) on you! Celebrate love, celebrate life! A good declaration to life by!

This design is on discount till atleast the 5th of may!

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Discounted: War is Never Holy – I Declare Love On You- Mom and Daddy Cool

Back to the mothership

(Eng) Artwearness is next to the web-shop also based in hometown Zwolle @ (lets call it) the Mothership, for our live shirts and much more cool art from other artist/creatives, Warehouse Blauwdruck. (also known as little Berlin 🙂

Here you can sample what high quality shirts we sell and of course few of our unique designs. Some of them are not even for sale in the web-shop. So any trendsetting early bird should take a look. You could be the first one wearing it.

When: from the 15th of November. Where: Warehouse Blauwdruck, Sassenstraat 26, Zwolle.

(NL) Artwearness heeft naast haar web shop nog een basis in haar thuisstad Zwolle @ (laten we het) het moederschip (noemen), waar onze shirts live verkocht worden naast allerlei andere kunstzinnige items van kunstenaars en creatieven, Warehouse Blauwdruck. (ook wel bekend als klein Berlijn 😉

Hier kan je voelen wat voor hoge kwaliteit t-shirts we verkopen en natuurlijk onze unieke designs bekijken. Sommigen zijn nog niet eens te koop op de web-site. Dus elke trendsettende vroege vogel zou eigenlijk even moeten gaan kijken… je zou maar zomaar de eerste kunnen zijn die het draagt.

Waneer: vanaf 15 november. Waar: Warehouse Blauwdruck, Sassenstraat 26, Zwolle.

Back to the mothership

New design Minimal

Hello, there’s some fresh new from us. Today we launched our latest design in our web-shop. It takes a good look. This design is definitely ‘not’ in your face. it is quiet modest and almost invisible at first sight. It is Minimal.

Minimal design means maximal effort of the designer.

Considering and weighing to make an intelligent choice that supports both efficiency as well as aesthetics.

Less is more and less is less.

Is there some space left for minimalism, in our ‘to the max’ society?


This design fits right into our Museum campaign as-well because it links to art as a long swift tail to a lizard. We do love minimal art @ Artwearness. 

We sample a few nice minimal artworks for you; see below

But first sample our own minimalistic presentation;

Isabelle wears design Minimal
This design is made by Damien Eektimmerman 2018, under supervision of Artwearness

And check out this cool animation

Take a glance at our shirts.

What is minimalism? 

Take notice of this short insight

Check our refreshed website too @ www.artwearness.com

Soon @ BLauwdruck


Spring is in the air, soon our pale skin will be touched by the first strokes of sunlight and will be tainted till the autumn sets in again. As a spring flower waiting to flourish your desire for fresh short sleeved cotton will grow. To meet your desires our cottons will meet you @ Blauwdruck , downtown, Zwolle again from 31th of March. See you there or for the digital shoppers @ www.artwearness.com


Zorry seems the hardest word to say. Zometimes it takes courage and true character to apologize. And there is always zomething to be zorry about…So, now you can make a great gesture, without words & with a nice twist. Check us & this new design @ www.artwearness.com

Mirthe wears design Zorry!

Touch, feel & fit a selection of our shirts check Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle. See our products and many more unique Zwolse producers check @ Made in Zwolle. 

Or R u interested in our alliance with Vrouwenplatform Carree, Zwolle check: http://vrouwenplatformcarree.nl

Tune In-Tune Out @ Artwearness

From August 21th till September the 2nd design Tune In- Tune Out is discounted from 29,95 to 25,-.

The discounts are only available in white.

Our shirts are produced with slave free and sustainable cotton!


Che(z) Moi (revolutionaire avant la lettre)

Did you ever notice that lots of fashionitas, fashionobro’s and fashionadas are wearing prints of Che Guevara? Unfortunately lots of people are totally unaware of what they wear. Che became just a commercial cool picture with a hint of a rebellion mind-set, to rub off on the one that carries the image. So my statement here is; at least know what or whom you wear, if you wear a portrait or a famous quote or even a brandname.

But we would not be us if not to play with this ultimate iconic and squeezed to the max image. But we did give the icon a new perspective. This time it is all about the empowerment of the hero within your selves, if there ever is one. Che (z) Vouz? Che(z) Moi, Revolutionaire avant la lettre? (Excuse our French). This specific design exist for a while now, but is now discounted from €29,95 to €25,00. Become heroic your self! Check us @www.artwearness.com



Ryan wears, Daan wears…. & what about the mural and the limited edition?

Our model Ryan wears design Oh God, Why Am I So Fly. She looks cool standing against this mural in beautiful Assendorp, Zwolle. Whe do our photoshoots local, in our hometown, Zwolle. Assendorp is a very popular district, area in Zwolle. The Quartier latin of Zwolle. A mix of students, creatives, old, young, urban, starting families and cultures, all living side by side in peace. The architecture of Assendorp is very special, it is a village of its own. Assendorp is mellow with a soi de vivre,  mentality. When ever you visit Zwolle, check Assendorp for sure.

Few high lights in Assendorp for you:

Dominican Convent + garden, Assendorperstraat (shoppingstreet without big retailers), Assendorperplein with bandstand, Eureka and community centre ‘`De Enk‘ with all kinds of nice initiatives. Cafe de Singel,  Wezenlanden park – paviljoen and the Nooterhof. but wondering through the little unlogical criss, cross  streets is a joy in it self.

Any way, if you fancy this cool shirt you have to visit us: It’s fresh www.artwearness.com

Model Daan is wearing design When Sally Met Sally. This design stands up for diversity. This theme is about gender diversity but basically we are pro diversity in general. We never quit understood why anyone is bordered by someone else’s otherness. Diversity is cool, it makes the world so much more interesting and less square. Thats one thing we do mind, squareness.

Check this shirt @ www.artwearness.com for male, female and everything in between and on the side (never mind the routing-titles of the site). Or GO to the GO Gallery, Marnixstraat 127,  Amsterdam and get your self a limited and special edition, with love from the artist.