New design ‘Only Political’ @ Artwearness


Elections city council (gemeenteraadsverkiezingen)- are on its way. 21-03-2018. Politics is not something alien, it is all about day to day life, your life. Artwearness wishes you good-luck and wisdom with your opinion and vote!

“I claim solutions to solve pollutions

It is not mythical, it’s only political

I claim the way to a better society, from big spender to sobriety

It is not typical, only political.

I am the vox populi, your servant and your master

It is not physical, just political.”

This deep design is available @ – check @ Statementz


Ans as always some political inspiration for you;

Changing traditions is the way to achieve a smaller eco footprint

Something to contemplate and think about in 2018.

Traditions, hard to touch, hard to change and impossible to discuss. People feel easily attacked when the subject comes on. Whether it is about black Peet, Christmas or New Years eve……. can’t touch this.

One good reason to renew, re-invent certain traditional events is our climate, our future, our planet…Our traditional behavior equals the horn of plenty. Big spending, buying all kinds of kitsch with Christmas, Eating like there’s no tomorrow, producing waste for a whole year….  Trowing firecrackers or small bombs for pleasure on new years eve, producing tons of CO2 in one night. need we say more…..Wanna change, change your tradition.

Traditions are  Flauwe Kult, it is for real….. By the way check our design Flauwe Kult @  and  Warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle

sorry we’re so critical, thats our tradition ( : …. SEE YOU IN 2018