Design ‘Selfish’

What does it mean being selfish? What does it mean today? Selfishness use to have a negative connotation. Today it seems the way to go trough life; me, myself and I and leave some crumbs for the others.

No……… thats not entirely truth. Many people are going out of their way to create a better world, to be positive and cooperative and being aware and acting on it. But unfortunately the majority, the greater mass of people are putting their needs and wants for anything else. Even at the cost of others without even realizing it. This is the way we are brought up, buy, buy, buy. Life is beautiful if the economy runs. We are living in consumers paradise, we are tested every day. We became consumers before humans. What ever we consume gives us a nice feeling, a sense of belonging (according to the commercials). I spend therefor I exist! What does this innocent consuming actually harm anyway. A happy consumer is no harassement to others, that much is truth. But in the long run if this consumer does not analyze where his shit comes from and who carries the burden for it, it has great impact on anything, every where. For instant cheap stuff is often made by an (almost) enslaved working force, or from polluting factories producing worthless plastic gadgets.  So cutting down on the Selfish could be of great benefit for all, especially if everyone does so.

Design Selfish is available we use fair trade, slave free and sustainable cottons by Stella & Stanley.

For inspiration for our promo: The 80/90 Hip hop formation Dela Soul made a song with the brilliant title: Me Myself and I (music video below)

For opening your eyes, if you were not aware yet: This is what our beautiful oceans are up to these days.

Slaved By The Bell


This weekend I read an item in the ‘Volkskrant’ on how we are all addicted to the Internet (our smartphone’s). This article about social psychologist Adam Alter reflected what I felt ever since the mobile hype started. Me, myself am laughed at because of my ancient Nokia (no problem by the way). Did I resent having a Smartphone in the first place? No, I did not. I resented the idea that I had to have one in order to be looked upon as a modern human being, not cut off by society, not a hermit. Well, whenever I feel the strong social (peer) pressure of doing something that’s not necessarily my own idea, I am getting alarmed, persistent and headstrong. So at this moment I hang to my Nokia as a leaf to a tree. I wonder who is having the benefit of social media addiction and smartphone dependency? Right guess, it is not you or I, it is the big data company, the phone Company and Zuckerberg, getting richer and more powerful everyday Creepy when you think of it. I ofthen wondered why people aren’t more critical towards this kind of mass surrender to what we call ‘technical progression’. Why do we seem to be not able to control our own mechanisms? Why are we slaved?

To be honest, Artwearness is active on most social platforms. Therefore Smartphone’s of others are used because I do not own one. Does this make me a bit of a hypocrite? Maybe. But everyone seems to live and buy on social media and not being represented, as a company equals no visibility, no vital force. And I must say I do enjoy it, communicating with the world. On the bright side, it offers us free platforms to spread our creativity and launch our ideas. That is a good thing, a great thing of internet. I still discover a lot of great creativity, great idea’s and beautiful art. But there’s a lot of bullshit too to be honest. How many selfies can a human brain bare? Why does just somebody’s face in million poses attracts so much likes, time after time? It puzzles me.

To end this discourse I would plaid to get real creative! Use this multi media tool to spread great thoughts and images, to question the world, the big data market, our selves. Lets get wiser, (suck up all there’s to learn on the net) instead of dumber (gazing at other faces). Just like Spinoza started the enlightenment movement, we need a new enlightenment to get out of the dark ages of Internet and evolve truly to a higher state of being. Just technical innovation is not enough!

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Potential Hero

Have a nice weekend!
Design Potential Hero @ www.artwearness.comBeing a potential Hero definitely beats being no hero at all.

Inspiration for the flyer are the Dude & Walter from The Big Lebowski





When ever will there be world peace? As far as I’m concerned we start today. We don’t stop (sending our love souldiers) until you won’t drop (your bombs)! Humans, we are strong-headed creatures with minds of our own. If every strong persuader says he’s absolutely right, than he’s probably wrong. Still, strong opinions, idea’s, religions are seldom tolerant towards opposite points of few. What is the sum of all these big & strong headed, self-convinced, power addicted, and fanatic leaders, we see today? It gets us no were but deeper in conflict. So I repeat, send in the love souldiers, I believe strongly they still exist.  Make love not war and so on hallelujah, insjallah, peace! Have a nice weekend.

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Real Men

What in the world justifies the slapping, hitting, hurting of gay people (or anyone anyway)?

What fear drives men to hit other man with a different sexual preference? What’s there to fear but your own sexuality in this case?

In the famous words of Joe Jackson ‘Now and then I wonder who the real men are’.


Never outdated these lines!


Real Men
Take your mind back, I don’t know when
Sometime when it always seemed
To be just us and them
Girls that wore pink
And boys that wore blue
Boys that always grew up better men
Than me and you
What’s a man now, what’s a man mean
Is he rough or is he rugged
Is he cultural and clean
Now it’s all change, it’s got to change more
Cause we think it’s getting better
But nobody’s really sure
And so it goes, go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are
See the nice boys, dancing in pairs
Golden earring golden tan
Blow-wave in the hair
Sure they’re all straight, straight as a line
All the gays are macho
Can’t you see their leather shine
You don’t want to sound dumb, don’t want to offend
So don’t call me a fagot
Not unless you are a friend
Then if
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Ye’s Were Open

Maybe it is a bit misleading. We (the web shop) are still open and at the same time not open yet. I told you earlier, we are working (hard) to refresh, improve and professionalize our web shop. Almost there, within a week, Yeah!

But this is not what this design is about. The walnut is representing the human brain, but more so, the ‘mind’. What is in our minds is usually strong rooted and shaped by many experiences and stories. As we grow older the more clammed some minds get. That is why this welcoming sign is hammered straight in to the cortex. Yes we are, sometimes insecure, sometimes afraid, and sometimes rigid but always open!

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‘Not Easy Being Green’

It is not easy being green” is a famous quote from a green Muppet frog called Kermit. Kermit was referring to him self, his destiny wearing his green skin, and during romantic endeavours with miss Piggy. He suffered from self-pity in a very charming way. But his words covered a lot more, maybe more than he realized back in the happy Jim Hanson years.

It is ‘not easy being green’ > if you live in Russia and being critical to the corruption of Medvedev or the Poetin administration. Or being critical to the regime what’s so ever.

It is not easy being green if you are Turkish and not in favour of the rising new dictator called Erdogan.


It is not easy being green if you are a Muslim in a polarized world. Caught in between two extremes. Not Muslim enough for the Muslim fundamentalist, not western enough for the populist.

It is not easy being green if your name is Jesse Klaver, in for the race to the new ‘right’- ‘middle’ oriented Dutch cabinet. What’s there to win; a lot! What’s there to lose? His electorate> see what happened earlier.

It is not easy being green in a globalized world, with rapidly increasing populations and many mouths to feed.

But it might be the only reasonable thing to do.

Become green, stay Human!










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Shark as a Knife @ Artwearness

New design @ Artwearness titled ‘ Shark As a Knife’

What does it mean to be Shark as a knife? Shark dressed, shark on time, or rather perky and shark and someone to be aware of. A shark cuts and slices through soft meat as a warm knife through butter. Still often demonized animals are endangered and hunted them selves.

Are you shark with us?

A very unique and shark comedian Eddy Izzard modelled unasked in our promo. See it as an homage to this hilarious, genius, virtuous word artist.  When even depressed play any Eddy Izzard show and your day will be perfect again!

see below en enjoy;

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