A.I. a new & ‘intelligent’ design

Yes there’s a new one. This time inspired on our high tech lives. Although artificial intelligence is currently a serious matter we approach it with little humor. But we are also aware of it  because soon the imaginary line between human and humanlike technology will be crossed and then what?

(NL) Ja, daar is alweer een nieuwe. Deze keer geïnspireerd op onze high-tech levens. Hoewel kunstmatige intelligentie tegenwoordig een erg serieus en actueel thema is benaderen we het thema met humor. Maar we zij ons ook heel erg bewust van de dunne lijn tussen mens en intelligente machine, deze dreigt snel te verdwijnen…. en dan wat?

In addition we have a nice philosophical thought for you:

“If all intelligence were artificial, than what would be the state of civilization?

Would it be clean, punctual and orderly, but boring and loveless? Or would it be fantastic, inventive and progressive but pure functional?

Hope, that this question is never finds it’s answer.”

(NL) We hebben in navolging daarop nog een kleine gedachte voor je:

” Als intelligentie kunstmatig was, wat zou dan de staat van onze beschaving zijn?

Zou het een schone, punctuele en geordende maar saaie en liefdeloze samenleving zijn? Of zou het fantastisch, inventief en progressief maar puur functioneel zijn?

Ik hoop dat deze vraag zijn antwoord nooit vindt.”


This  distinctive Artwearness design is avialable @ our webshop now: artwearness.com.

Dit onderscheidende ontwerp is verkrijgbaar @ onze webshop vanaf nu:artwearness.com.

New shirts @ Blauwdruck

soon:a selection with a few pre releases for the early adapter. (by it there, you’re the first, so trendsetting!)

(NL) Nieuwe shirts @ Blauwdruck

Binnenkort een selectie van een aantal pre-releases voor de ‘early adapter’ (koop het daar en je bent gegarandeerd de eerste, dus een trendsetter)

Keep you posted!

New design ‘Paradox’ @ Artwearness

A paradoxical paradox is that the word paradox might aswell is paradox in it self.

We proudly present our latest design to you ‘Paradox’. (concept & design by mao2017)

Can words be artful and mystic? I think they can. An interesting example is the word paradox. This is a beautiful word, word wise. The sum of the characters is visually attractive. If it was art, you could speak of a (Dutch term) ‘Droste effect’ or infinity effect. It is a reoccurring theme that spirals endlessly within itself. Like a riddle in a puzzle that’s a riddle in a puzzle. It contradicts and conflicts all the time without a releasing outcome.

For instance:

“The liar’s paradox.”

“This statement is false.” If you think it’s true, then it must be false, but if you think it’s false, it must be true

Quote on quote: “Paradoxical statements may seem completely self-contradictory, but they can be used to reveal deeper truths.  

The Oscar Wilde paradox I can resist anything except temptation,”

Oscar Wilde used a paradox to point to our fundamental weakness to give in to tempting things (like chocolate or a pretty smile), all the while imagining that we can hold firm and resist them.”

*Source Internet famous paradoxes

The Russel Paradox

The man in the Artwearness promo is Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872- 1970) was a British Philosopher and freethinker. The Russell Paradox, one of many paradoxes, is named after him. This paradox handles the question if the collection of all collections contains it self?

We the people are walking paradoxes all the time

Well maybe you don’t need all this information to be attracted to this cool design. But the paradox is that without it you probably wondered why I choose to design this specific print and what my motives were. Never mind, like it? You can purchase it @ www.artwearness.com.

Model Davey is wearing design Paradox.


PS: did you know Artwearness is homed in Zwolle, the Netherlands?

Folow us!

New design ‘Eclectic’


Model Daan is posing @ 19hetatelierarchitecten, Zwolle is reflected in the window.

Could become a sceptic but still drawn to the magic

If this global melting pot, feels hectic? Get eclectic!

One of the positive out come of globalisation is cultural cross over. When it comes to music new flavours enrich the existing sounds. We present a few successful examples to you on this blog. When it concerns foods, cultural exchange definitely defines how we all eat today and we do love it, don’t we? All the flavours, dishes and spices are a tasty feast. If it involves fashion, mix and match is da bomb. Fashion designers are drawn to everything alien to their own heritage. It is a never-ending source of inspiration. We know there is still interracial hatred, discrimination, disagreement and dispute. We see samples of that everyday on the six o clock news. It is a biological fact that species including Homo sapiens, white, black or yellow are becoming stronger, healthier and more beautiful whit an eclectic gene pool. You can do the math. So here we present our design Eclectic to you! Now available @ www.artwearness.com

Note: The shirts are available in various colors!

This design is made by Mao2016 and is only available @ Artwearness




Upgrade your shirt to a signed artwork

This might be just an one time opportunity, tomorrow June 15th the artist/ designer of the t shirts (yes me) is also present at the Artwearness stand @ the Green market (@ the convent-garden @ the Dominican-convent, Zwolle). An artist signature always increases the value of an artwork and makes it unique. Weather this is the case in this case, or not, lies in the future. In case of succes or dramatic death your investments should be safe or even increases. If the artist faints and parishes without a trace you lost, but than again your investment wasn’t that big, so you will overcome it. In the meanwhile you just worn a really fantastic shirt and thats worth something too. See you tomorrow!

PS: The design on this shirt is named ‘Shit Happens’ and is also available @ our stand tomorrow.

See more designs: www.artwearness.com

Dit zou maar zo die ene gelegenheid kunnen zijn, morgen 15 juni  is de kunstenaar/ ontwerper van de t shirts (ja ik)  zelf ook aanwezig bij de Artwearness stand @ de Groene Markt (@de kloostertuinen @ de Dominicanenklooster, Zwolle). Door een signatuur neemt de waarde van een kunstwerk altijd toe en het maakt het uniek. Of dat in dit geval het geval zal zijn ligt in de toekomst. In geval van groot succes of dramatische dood zal de investering zich zelf zeker terug betalen. In geval dat de kunstenaar langzaam in de vergetelheid raakt en geen spoor meer na laat zal u een verlies lijden. maar ja uw investering was nou ook weer niet zo groot, dus dat zult u wel overleven. In de tussentijd heeft u toch een ontzettend fantastisch shirt gedragen en dat is ook wat waard. Tot morgen!

PS: Het design op dit shirt heet ‘Shit Happens’ en is ook verkrijgbaar @ onze stand morgen

meer designs: www.artwearness.com

New design A.I. (artificial Inteligence)

Yes, we have a new design. This design is named A.I. (artificial intelligence , concept by mao2016 and designed by Timo Schut 2017).

Is your Intelligence pure and unpolluted or is it artificial yet? Are you an autonomic mind free and unattached? Can we stay independent when the mind of the masses rule? What does authenticity really means? Do we measure our selves to the standards of an other? These questions are more and more topical issues. They are worth contemplating, good luck with you opinion.

The 1927 movie by Fritz Lang, Metropolis is used as inspiration for the AI promo. This film is a frightful glance in the future (of 1927) The creation of the perfect human being, manipulation of reality. This film is almost misused for Nazi ideology. So it is a bit tainted. Nevertheless it is a real cult movie that belongs to the cultcorner. We are here to feed you cult and culture.

Below a few distopic future fantasies: Solyent Green, The Matrix, 1984 and Metropolis! enjoy.