On tour with our Orange World…

Artwearness on the road with Jojanne van vrouwenplatform Carree for our Orange the World action

Deputy chairwoman of the Provincial states of Overijssel, Anneke Beukers, welcomes an  ‘Orange the World’ t-shirt from Vrouwenplatform Carree. This in the context of the international day  against violence against women, an initiative of UN on 25 november 2017 .

Artwearness is responsable for the t-shirt print design and celebrates this very nice and warm collaboration with Vrouwen Carree. And one of us was present and in the picture (while usually backstage) during this offer.

Jojanne , Anneke Beukers en Marit


The Orange world & the Blueprint (Blauwdruck)

Hello, some news from us;

We’re Back @ Warehouse Blauwdruck!!!

As of today our cool designs are (again) available @ Warehouse Blauwdruck, Sassenstraat, Zwolle. This time we have something new to offer you: PICK & CHOOSE. This is how it looks:

Besides the physically present shirts from which you can choose from, you can select your own perfect choice. combining different prints to different shirts, colors and sizes. So what’s holding you back!!!!! Check Blauwdruck  (nickname: warehouse little Berlin) in Zwolle. 

Alliance with Vrouwenplatform Carree takes a lift….

With Artwearness design ‘Orange The World’ on political tour trough Overijssel to pin this subject on the political agenda! (Orange the World is a worldwide UN action to stand up agianst aggression and oppression to woman world wide)

Below, their own comment:

“Vandaag vanuit Vrouwenplatform Carree samen met onze projectleider Margien Vroom in Zwolle een t-shirt van Artwearness T shirt print design aangeboden aan wethouder Eefke Meijerink! Om aandacht te vragen voor het stoppen van geweld tegen vrouwen: Orangetheworld en ons project #DeNieuweToek”