Sneak preview

Design Surreal will be reality soon. Junior designer Damien Eektimmerman designed this interesting design for us.

What do you think??? I think it is fabulous.

Soon this design will be (freezed) available @

Also will we present this design in our ‘ Artwearness @ the museum’ catalogue. (newsflash 2. Artwearness@ the museum is also in the making)

Keep track of us….

MOMMmmmmm’s the word

Check warehouse Blauwdruck if there’s still a Mom’s shirt left…. You might as well get a great present for your mother??? right?

Blauwdruck is located @ the Sassenstraat, Zwolle

(NL) Design Surreal zal spoedig realitiet zijn.  Junior designer Damien Eektimmerman heeft dit interessante ontwerp voor Artwearness gemaakt.


Wat vind je ervan? Ik denk dat het een geweldig ontwerp is

Dit design zal binnenkort (stilstaand) in onze webshop verschijnen 

Dit design zal ook zijn opwachting maken in onze  ‘ Artwearness @ the museum’ catalogus. (newsflash 2. Artwearness@ the museum is ook nog in de maak)

Blijf ons volgen…

MOMMmmmmm’s the word

Check warehouse Blauwdruck  of er nog Mom shirtjes zijn, je zou maar zo een geweldig cadeautje voor je moeder kunnen kopen, toch?

Blauwdruck is te vinden @ the Sassenstraat, Zwolle




Soon @ BLauwdruck


Spring is in the air, soon our pale skin will be touched by the first strokes of sunlight and will be tainted till the autumn sets in again. As a spring flower waiting to flourish your desire for fresh short sleeved cotton will grow. To meet your desires our cottons will meet you @ Blauwdruck , downtown, Zwolle again from 31th of March. See you there or for the digital shoppers @

Thank God It’s Friday but Black Sabbath is on it’s way.

After a week of Artwearness Nice Price Festival, the climax is and the end of it, is near. One more day left for you to purchase this cool, original, artful, slave free, sustainable and unique product. Just € 25,- Where is that you say???@ warehouse Blauwdruck, Zwolle, for sure! This nice price applies not only on all physical shirts in store but or every shirt that is ordered from there by our Pick and Choose Form. Pick and Choose you say? Yes, that is our paper web-shop extender. Well, you’ll see when you get there. But don’t wait to long because after Black Sabbath all shirts will be regular but fair priced again!! Check us and say Hay to (Blauwdruck owner) Jorien. She will appreciate it ( :
Artwearness is also mentioned  in a newsletter by Vrouwen platform Carree, Zwolle: Newslettervrouwenplatformcarree