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We present to you our brand new design; MOM. (Your and mine) mother’s day will be on the 14th of May. Take in mind; if it weren’t for your mom you would not exist at all! She carried you around for 9 months and learned how to behave. The simple fact that you are functioning today you owe to her. So celebrate your mother and her special day by giving her a great homage by wearing or giving this great shirt! She will be touched by your effort and feel very much appreciated. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

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Shit Happens

Stepping out of the wrong side of the bed, bumping your little toe to the bedside, stumbling over the cat who’s constant at your feet to show you her affection, spilling milk over your fresh outfit, forgot your keys while you just slammed the door, missed the bus, forgot your lunchbox or to comb your hair, spinach between your teeth’s, two different socks, traffic jam, data loss, got fired, bad hair day, quiet desperation shit happens (and then you die)

Personal affairs can be shitty by them selves, you really don’t need the shit of the entire world. Still…you cannot close your eyes to it. Currently a large piece of coral is damaged by BAM at Curacao harbour. It happened by accident, they said. And they (BAM) will look in to it. If they appear to be guilty of the matter they will compensate. But who or what are they going to compensate? It took ages to grow; it took a minute to annihilate. It cannot be compensated by money and they cannot make new coral, that’s for sure. To get back on the shitty subject, there’s nothing you can do really, but saying he!, shit happens and proceed with whatever you were doing. And life’s goes on until it stops.

Who ever dived or snorkeld at Curacao or Bonaire knows how exeptional overwhelming, delicate and beautifull it is.

Design Shit Happens is in store @ artwearness. Cool design and a little awareness. Check us out

Tune In Tune Out

New design Tune In, Tune Out @ Artwearness. This design is inspired on the never ceasing activity in my head and probably yours! In this age of being ON all the time, the off button seems hard to find.  I do like my life and all opportunities offered to me because of these conditions we live in, but I would like to be switched off once in a while. Information overload, system meltdown. Sometimes I long to escape from our wired boxes and brick cities and crave for remote places and overwhelming nature, the sounds of the waves breaking, birds singing and a calm breeze.

Our promo is inspired on Daft Punk, a French house electro duo; Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel. They make futuristic dance music soaked with electronic samples. Started in the 90tees and still active and contemporary as ever. Kraftwerk (Germany 1970) came before them and led the way to new sounds. It could well be that they inspired Daft Punk in the first place….. Oh I almost forgot, the handsome guy without the helmet is Keanu Reeves....

Enjoy our selection, starting with Kraftwerk ending with Daftpunks, ‘Lose Your Selve to Dance’:







British Delight

Design British Delight is extracted from an artful collaboration between (founder & house designer Artwearness & autonomous artist) Marit Otto & Mirthe Langelaan (artist, painter). This collaboration ‘Duo Ongezoet‘ was named after the material they both worked with in this project ‘candy. One of our ‘products’ from a series of candy photographs was called British Delight. 

The chosen iconic model on our promo is Iris Apfel. She stands for originality, personality, fashion and art. She was her own artwork in progress. Artwearness salutes her and all colorful people.

Design British Delight is available @ and nowhere else!






Democracy Is No Commodity

Democracy Is No Commodity, or is it? This seems to become more and more an essential question these days. Is the word democracy subject to decay? Potential dictatorial leaders claiming true democracy while aiming on pure undiluted and undisputed power. Hm…..

This is our ode to democracy, she’s not perfect and sometimes it feels inefficient but its basically like owning (very) old shoes, you don’t throw them away before you bought (proper) new shoes. And for now the proverbial shoe store does not have an appropriate alternative in store….

we selected some interesting links for you on the subject.

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Potential Hero

Have a nice weekend!
Design Potential Hero @ www.artwearness.comBeing a potential Hero definitely beats being no hero at all.

Inspiration for the flyer are the Dude & Walter from The Big Lebowski




Baby Einstein says,

When we look into our glass bowl and check the nearby future, we see that we are officially re- opened at Wednesday April 19 at 1600 hours. Renewed, refreshed & improved.

To quote Einstein: I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life”

Hope you spend it with us!


Design Baby Einstein is available @


Design Baby Einstein is available @




No Sense

Searching for meaning on the World Wide Web can be fulfilling as disappointing. Many things make absolutely no sense at all. Some things do.

This design makes no sense, but is still a very reasonable thing to wear…

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When ever will there be world peace? As far as I’m concerned we start today. We don’t stop (sending our love souldiers) until you won’t drop (your bombs)! Humans, we are strong-headed creatures with minds of our own. If every strong persuader says he’s absolutely right, than he’s probably wrong. Still, strong opinions, idea’s, religions are seldom tolerant towards opposite points of few. What is the sum of all these big & strong headed, self-convinced, power addicted, and fanatic leaders, we see today? It gets us no were but deeper in conflict. So I repeat, send in the love souldiers, I believe strongly they still exist.  Make love not war and so on hallelujah, insjallah, peace! Have a nice weekend.

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Design Zapped (mao2014). Inspired on a TV media fossil from long lost times.


The miracle we call intelligence. How do we feed it? What do we feed it?

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Cool intelligent design printed on sustainable and slave free cotton!


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some links selected for you to the media fossil were the design is inspired on.