Artwearness is awareness
The time we live in requires a different way of thinking and (re)acting. We are dealing with mass culture, overconsumption, over population and climate change. Artwearness offers the conscious consumer an original and honest product; we believe in making choices

 Sustainability and fair-trade.
Artwearness has no stock; each order is printed on demand for each customer. No stock means no surplus and no waste resulting in a smaller ecological footprint. We print on Stanley and Stella shirts. They produce beautiful, high quality, modern, sustainable and slave free products. We are very aware of the world around us and we offer the conscious consumer an honest alternative to the price fighting fashion industry.


Artwearness choose to collaborate with The Oven because they make it possible to print on demand, the prints are high quality and longlasting.

Because we have no stock it also keeps our ecological footprint low, we care for the future generations.




Our t- shirt brand is Stanley and Stella.

They provide us with high quality sustainable, slave free T- shirts in various colors.