Marit Otto & Erik van Scheijndel

Artwearness is founded by Marit Otto, artist and artdirector @ Artwearness and Erik Van Scheijndel commercial and financial director @ Artwearness.

About Marit: Marit is autonomous artist and currently she runs ‘Atelier 007’ for art and graphic design in Zwolle. She believes art is a way to communicate. Art is authentic and offers a different point of view to current affairs and day to day live. The prints she makes are humorous and sometimes a bit on edge, but always original. Not designed for the greater masses but for the connoisseur.  Marit used elements from her artworks and turned them into graphic designs. But most designs are graphic designs based on thoughts and concepts.

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About Erik :Let me introduce myself, I’m Erik van Scheijndel. In daily life I’m in command of My experience and my connections with artists led me into the world of Artwearness. The energy and working ethos of Artwearness is very inspiring.  My job at Artwearness is processing orders, budget accounting and morale support.