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We, Artwearness create awareness and art-awareness wit a bit of irony on a high artistic level. We see this as our mission; intelligent t-shirt art print for the style icon and critical consumer. We see our t-shirts as a canvas waiting to be exposed on a male or female body. We do not indulge modern slavery. We use fair trade, sustainable cotton (Stella & Stanley) t- shirts to print on. We print on demand, no stock, and no extra waste.

Longing for museum or artful exposure Although our canvas is currently more street art, we long for museum exposure. Do not be alarmed! We do not aim for the museum’s white walls, but for a spot in your museum shop. We think our concept of applied arts will feel right at home in an environment of expressive arts and will be a true asset to a museum shop’s product range.

Artwearness would like to meet you. We hope to interest you in working with us. We are seeking a proper showcase for our artwear and we are offering you an original and authentic high-end and environmental friendly product. In our catalogue we present a selection of our label’s products. We made this selection with museum shops in mind, but there is much more to choose from @

Your own profile design for free. In addition to the presented products, it is also possible to order your own unique profile design custom-made just for your museum. We offer one profile design for free with an order of minimal 25 T- shirts as a welcome gift. Check our offer & prices @ our overview page Interested? Contact us @ Artwearness is founded by: Marit Otto, visual artist and artdirector @ Artwearness, and Erik Van Scheijndel commercial and financial director @ 19 het Atelier and @ Artwearness

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