Change print color: + € 3,50/ Change shirt color (if it’s not available on our webshop): + € 3,50

Change shirt to sweater, halter top or hoodie: + 3,50 + additional cost on top of your chosen item. Our brand/supplier is Stanley and Stella: you can select any other item in their webshop. Mail us with the article number of your favorite Item. We calculate the new prize for you. Keep in mind that delivery can take a little longer.

A few suggestions:


A customized or unique design

This could be interesting for your club, foundation, office, class, crew or other; an additional one- time payment can be spread over multiple shirts and you and  your group have matching and unique original shirts

Customized: few adjustments to the design, like your name, additional tekst or minor adjustments in the visual:  Basic € 50,-

Advanced: more complicated adjustments to the design from €60,- tot max. €100, extra

Unique Design:

order  a total new design on your conditions, on demand: ask us we make you an appropriate offer.

Design ‘ Orange The World’ is available @